Worst Product of The Week!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Hey Ladies,

I attempt to keep the negativity away from my blog, if I don't like something I tend not to bother featuring it because there's so many great products out there i'd prefer to talk to you about. However occasionally you come across things which you hope will at least work but really really don't, this is one.

Clean & Clear Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel - around £5.00 for 15ml

This claims to 'Reduce spots in 4 hours, suitable for use under & over makeup whenever needed'

Erm what can I say apart from No! This spot GEL sets on your face & as soon as you touch where you placed it on your skin it rubs off like one of those peel off masks, so you can't use it under makeup & you can see it over makeup & it doesn't last for 4 hours on the skin for it to work, unless you never touch your skin & never wear makeup. Oh & you use loads of the stuff my tube feels half empty & I've had it 2 days!!

Avoid!! Good job it was only a fiver! Nicola's lesson of the week: listen to what people recommend on Twitter & stop making your own decisions in Boots!


  1. I hate all Clean & Clear products to be honest - I have really acne-prone skin but tend to stay away from any products specifically tailored to acne because they're just too harsh a lot of the time! x

  2. Ahh, so disappointing! I'm trying the Dual Action moisturizer, so far not really liking it but giving it a shot regardless!

  3. Ooh I definately agree on this one - its ok for night time use but I found it peels off too! so does Boots own! Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action crem worked the best for me xx

  4. I agree about this, but I use the clean & clear persa-gel 10 at maximum strength and I really like it! I think you can only get it from America tho, so any 10% benzoyl peroxide cream will do xx

  5. Thanks for the honest review hun!!Not getting it!!



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