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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Would You Go Makeup Less?

Hey Ladies,

Overnight bags are a pain to lump about on public transport are they not? We all have our overnight kits & mine is rather heavy & I lug it about on public transport to get to & from my destination, it contains everything I could possibly need for a night away & I dread the thought of being without something so I overpack & being the dedicated blogger I am I tend to take my Macbook with me so I can blog or reply to YouTube comments. My bag is therefore very heavy, don't you just wish you could travel with only your handbag containing your face wash & the next days clothing within it & do away with the overnight bag. My question is would you go without makeup the next day if you were travelling home on public transport?

My basic kit minus a laptop & handbag.
Well today I did just that, not as a social experiment or to see if I actually could go without makeup I was just too lazy to apply my makeup at 8am!

And do you know what, I never thought it would be so difficult to feel confident without that layer of makeup. How is it that all our confidence is reliant in that little bag of tricks we cart around with us? I think of myself as a confident person in life I don't really care too much what others think of me yet I found myself convinced that people were staring at my makeup-less face & talking to the person next to them pointing out all my flaws & when walking past two young (20+) males made my stomach turn. Now I'm no Kate Moss so I don't expect wolf whistles when I walk past people but when I have that layer of magic on my face I can walk past with my head held confidently & men notice that, I'm ashamed to admit I walked past with most of my hair covering my face! I even felt judged for looking like crap by the woman getting me my sausage McMuffin. Self confidence is something that apparently is easily bought with a simple trip to Boots (other self confidence shops are available) & it makes me feel so shallow to know that at 24 years old I'd rather go without food on a day out than go without makeup on my face. Don't judge me.

So what is it that stops us from leaving the house without makeup? I really believe it's harder to be a woman than a man most of the time, men can get up 10 minutes before they have to leave the house & just throw on some clothes use the bathroom then go, women get up an hour (?? for me 30 mins) before they have to leave the house, we have to prepare the skin, apply makeup, get dressed & do our hair. (i'm being very general here obviously there are exceptions)

Why is this the case? I really believe women are expected to look a certain way in this society, to look as good as they possibly can by having 'perfect' skin, hair, makeup, nails & body & if they don't reach their 'potential' get judged by other people ie women. I'm sure most of us can admit to saying something bitchy about another woman's appearance, it's a self assurance thing that you have to look better than a person who doesn't try, your friend agrees with the bitchy comment & life goes on. Why is it not acceptable at times to look like a tramp & not feel judged for doing so??

I'd love all your opinions on this, do you go out in full public view makeup less? & what do you think it is that makes it pretty unacceptable to dare leave the house looking less than polished?

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