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Friday 13 May 2011

Hey Ladies,

I must be having a groundhog day moment because I swear I posted this before ... oh yes Bloggers little holiday deleted my post, so lets try this again.

1. Biotherm Aquasource Hydrator - rrp £33.70

This sounds a great moisturiser, no perfume, fragrance or colourants means it's great for sensitive skin and it looks travel friendly which is crucial to me these days!

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Shadow Pencils - rrp - £14 each

These are my ideal products & would just feed the lazy girl in me as they're super easy to use & require ZERO effort, do you know what that means kids? Eyeshadow EVERYDAY! 'Midnight cowboy' is described as a beige with silver shimmer & 'Rehab' is described as a taupe, kind of looks like a bronzish brown, you know how I feel about those shades!

3. Alpha H Liquid Gold - rrp - £30

Love this stuff & need another bottle, I used it at the beginning of the year & after one application I was hooked, this liquid makes your skin tone more even, clearer and more radiant. I recommend everyone try it because it makes a huge difference to your skin without any effort!

4. NuBo Peel and Reveal - rrp - £65

I love anything that promises super smooth skin and I have heard only positive things about these product, I have tried a similar one from Philosophy and loved it so I'm sure this will not disappoint, if only I had a spare £65 lying around!

5. Alyssa Smith 'Google Me' Necklace - £55

I absoloutly adore this necklace and several others on the site, all pieces are made from sterling silver and hand made by Alyssa herself, there's a 'Alyssa Loves' section on the site with 25% off at the moment too. I'm currently attempting to bribe my boyfriend into buying me a custom made necklace from her (an apple mac sign!)

So there's my very repetitive wish list if you read it before blogger went down!! Let me know what you're wishing for or recommend me similar things!!

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