Product of The Week!

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Hey Ladies,

It's that time of the week again for my Product of The Week.

This week it comes courtesy of Clearasil's Rapid Action Treatment Cream, this spot cream claims to 'visibly reduce spot size and redness in 4 hours', now I usually dismiss these claims immediately and never really believe most skin care claims on the front of packaging however I had a monster spot on my forehead the other day & applied this before bed & I couldn't believe the difference it made overnight. It was one of those spots underneath the skin which takes days to come to the surface and overnight with the cream on it had been drawn out & ready to be extracted (sorry if a mental image is in your head now) I was very impressed.

What I love about this product is that it's a cream formulation, I didn't get on with a gel type spot cream, I have a liquid one that's tea tree but I hate the smell, this doesn't really have a smell & sinks into the skin instead of just a layer on top of the spot so it can go under your makeup & on top of your makeup if you feel a spot coming on. You also get loads in the tube 25mls for around £6 is unbelievably good value for money.

Worth a look for in Boots if you suffer from break outs and strapped for cash!


  1. I always have this in my draw!! i get to occasional hormonal spot and it really helps alot to make it less sore and red. xox

  2. I have one of those exact spots on my chin at the moment, and feel like ive been waiting for it to surface for days, maybe ill give this a go :D

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