Repair Series: John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Masque

Thursday 23 June 2011

Hey ladies,

Carrying on with my repair series I have an offering from John Frieda today.

John Frieda Miraculous Recover Mask RRP 589 W450 ID John Frieda

They Say:

'John Frieda Frizz - Ease Miraculous Recovery Pot Strengthening Crème Masque is a rich anti - breakage nourishing crème for damaged hair caused by excess heat styling.'

First of all the consistency of this is quite thin so spreads easily in the hair and it smells very nice which most masques do. It works nicely making the hair more manageable and after using it your hair feels nice and soft and in good condition, it's not the most intense conditioner but if you've overdone the straighteners sightly it will help lessen the damage.

Overall I really like this product my only problem with it I have is that you get slightly mislead in terms of how much you get, the tub looks like you get loads but once you open the lid you realise that all isn't what it seems, it's like a pot within a pot. You still get a good 150mls for around £6 which is good but I have to say you use loads so I only have gotten 3 treatments from a tub.

Best for people with not much hair & have been over doing it with the straighteners!

Hope you're all having a lovely weeks so far. Remember to enter my Paul Mitchell giveaway!!

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  1. ah i used to love the john frieda blonde repair mask so this really appeals to me considering the front of my hair is a bit frazzled! wicked review xx


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