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Monday 18 July 2011

Hey Ladies,

I thought I'd show you the process I go through when I'm going to buy a statement piece of fashion or a real investment piece (read expensive!) as it may be useful to some people.

I used to always just buy clothing without a thought in the world about what I would pair them with but maybe wisdom has come from age or the fact that my wardrobe is full of stuff i've never worn has lead to me being somewhat sensible in my fashion choices.

An invaluable tool for potential purchases I think is Polyvore, it basically allows you to piece outfits together and there's a massive selection of clothing and accessories to choose from as well as having the option of 'clipping' the items from websites (it can be a little tricky, but if you are unable to 'clip' them because of the site zooming in on the picture, just add the item to your basket & then 'clip' from the basket view)

So this weeks potential purchase are a pair of Topshop Jade Skinny Jeans, brightly coloured jeans are everywhere right now, they may end up looking crap on me (thank god for returns) but if the miracle that they do actually suit me occurs I have come up with two outfits that I know will suit them.

Click here for the items details (it'll take you to the site)
.... may have purchased the watch the night before I decided I NEEDED the jeans! ooops!

I love being able to plan outfits and it makes me think about existing pieces I have that can replace the above items, the bags for example can be switched with existing ones easily, the shoes again can be switched although I am getting some of the converse (if anyone can guide me on the sizing of them whether they are true to size/etc I will love you forever!)

I will mainly wear the jeans casually but a night in a bar wearing these would be easy I think i'd dare to pair them with some leopard print heels and then a loose fitted top like the cream one tucked in, they are really versatile and fingers crossed SUIT ME!!!

So there you go, I thought i'd introduce you all to my methods of thinking & show you the wonder of Polyvore if you havent already discovered it. (WARNING: you can lose massive chunks of your life whilst being 'creative')


  1. the link isn't working to see the details of the other clothes. Where is the bag from ? What a gem!

  2. I love love emerald green colour :) I would also try and wear them with like a bright blod colour?? A bit of colour blocking?? I am excited for your purchase x

  3. i love these jeans... they look amazing :D

  4. That's such a good idea! I've definitely bought so much in the past that goes with nothing else I own! I might start using that website.

    Love the colour of those jeans :)

    Lois xx

  5. The last time I bought Converse (admittedly a while ago) they came up a bit big, I bought a 7 which I am usually but I could have done with a 6. Best to try before you buy I think xx

  6. I don't own a lot of green clothes...but these jeans are so nice they make me like green now! I could totally buy a pair.nice post,thanks!


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