For Those In Between Days

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hey ladies,

I think we've come to the conclusion that it's no longer summer here in the uk which is totally pants. So I am now being forced into different clothing choices, some mornings I leave & it's quite chilly then by the afternoon it's mild & I look a right div in my winter coat, so I thought I'd purchase some new items & share with you my favourite pieces for in-between seasons.

The Trench Coat
This I got from ASOS & it is just great, not too expensive but really well made & the detail is lovely, I can't imagine why ASOS haven't shown a picture of the button detailing at the back but it just makes it look more expensive than it is plus it is the perfect length. It keeps you warm enough when theres a slight chill in the air & more importantly covered when it's raining. Makes you look so classy & you can play detective/journalist whilst wearing it so fun!!

I feel like i'm living the teenage life I never had, Converse were in my day for skater kids not cool! Well for grown adults let me tell you they're SO cool! They are comfortable, water resistant & nice & casual, yes they may be too casual for some but currently i'm living in mine. I don't think i'll ever look at a ballet shoe again which just make sure your feet are constantly cold & wet at this time of the year.  I aim to get pretty much every shade, I got mine here .

Slouchy Cardigans
I went for a specific cardigan so lets go with it but I live in cardigans of all varieties, this one from Tesco is perfect for this time of year, it keeps you nice & warm when you need it to, goes with everything so you can chuck it on without thinking & (now this is a completely unbelievable scenario but go with me) if it is a warmer day it doesn't have long sleeves so perfect for the in between season.

All I can say is THANK GOD I can go to work as casual as possible so can rock the converse all the time but I will trade the slouchy cardigans for thermal hoodies in winter because it will be freezing!!

I hope you're all doing well, I have officially opened my Jewellery Shop so go check it out, I updated it this week with silver & wrap bracelets!! I should have a couple of interesting posts next week I'm having a quarter life crisis this week & so staging a teenage rebellion ... read new tattoo (semi permanent of course) & updating my hair colour (semi permanent of course) I'll be more committed when I have an actual Mid Life crisis I should imagine!!


  1. I really like the coat, I was just thinking today that I might have to start wearing mine again soon. That color is nice and cheery too!

  2. i love the tranch, it is right up my street :D

  3. I'm very excited about winter now that we can all finally admit summer is over, not that it ever begun!!
    I need to buy some Converse desperately!!

  4. I've just bought a new mac exactly for this reason, I definitely recommend doing that!


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