Instant Dip Dye Hair by Colour Xtreme

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Hey Ladies,

Some times i'll get an email about a product that will give me a laugh & usually these just get dismissed and I move on to the next however this one made me laugh & then caught my attention; I made some tentative steps into Ombre hair a couple of months ago & it ended in my hair basically looking four different colours! Because I have light blonde hair it is very difficult to ombre as it requires the roots to be dyed darker, so when I saw that Lee Stafford were releasing a colour spray which would enable me to get the look I wanted to achieve I firstly laughed at how ridiculous it would look and then intrigued to see whether it would really work. Once I heard they were releasing coloured sprays I was all over it.

Colour Xtreme Hair Art

So basically this is like going back to your childhood & spraying colour on your hair, I got sent all the colours in the range but had a couple of colours in mind in terms of what I wanted my hair to be like.

First of all I went for pink, but the pink is seriously bright so whilst it was still wet (the spray comes out wet) I sprayed the white over it, once it's dry you brush through it so that is spread nicely throughout the hair and separates it all, I then decided to do the very tips of my hair with the purple spray. I LOVE IT!

Instead of doing pink on the other side like a normal person I decided to experiment with Teal tips, I started off with blue & then spraying the green on top, I could have made it lighter with some white but I liked it dark!

In terms of the actual product, it literally is easy as anything just pop an old towel over your shoulders  & then you can be spray happy, be careful you don't choke yourself because it is rather toxic & then just brush brush brush.

It makes your hair feel AWFUL, seriously dry and if anyone has tried those volumising powders, it makes your hair feel like that but I love the idea of these, if you are craving these hair trends it gives you the option to either try it to see if you would suit it & get it done permanently or just a bit of fun for the weekend and something you can wash out for the working week.

Totally recommend them and for £4.07rrp from Boots you can't go wrong! I can confirm as well that they wash out easily without any staining to your hair underneath. I will be trying the regular ombre with a dark spray tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

What colour would you have??


  1. LOL! I like this! I'd probably go for purple! Looks great on you :) xx

  2. ooh! I'd definatly go for pink, although teal looks good. Could be good for a night out I suppose, ha!

  3. How fab are these!!! Might have to give them a try - although not sure how it would look in my dark hair! x

  4. hehe these look hilarious, probably not something i would try though :s

  5. the turquoise looks pretty cool on you. i was thinking about doing lilac ombre so this seems like a good way to try it out xx

  6. Lauren Conrad had rainbow hair and I loved it!! It really suites you, such a fun way to have a change. xx

  7. The pink & purple looks awesome! If this works on dark hair I will totally get the pink spray x

  8. It's great to see this dip dye hair trend taking off thanks to celebrities. Great post!


  9. Your hair looks great, but the whole time I would be concerned about the damage it is causing. But, you look amazing as trends go. Thanks for testing this product for us.

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