Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain Review

Friday 28 October 2011

Hey ladies,

I'm making up for lost time & blogging my bottom off! I've even got a couple of none favourites videos to edit on YouTube. You lucky lucky ducks!! ... Yes I did say ducks not .. Anyway!

Today I thought i'd share with the class my review on a product I've been getting loads of use out of recently.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Passion.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains have been out for a few months & whilst I was tempted to get one the shades just didn't appeal to me, I was gifted one after some work I did with John Frieda (will let you know all about it when I can) & realised that all the testers I'd tried we're doing the shades no justice & I realised just how lovely the shade Passion is.

The swatch is a little misleading as it isn't that light on your lips due to your own lip pigmentation but if you build it up it is the most gorgeous bright bubbly pink!

Yes lip stains do feel dry on your lips but once I apply the balm it's fine, I would say avoid using everyday as it won't do your lips much good but for a night out this is a must.

It's a must because seriously it doesn't come off, I have had this stuff on for literally a full day & night & even after full cleansing my lips have still been stained. This is a major positive for me perhaps not to some! I'm lazy & hate reapplying lip stick so these are perfect!

At £7.99 I think they reasonably priced & I will definitely look at some of the other shades, definitely worth a risk if you're lazy like me!!

Let me know if you've tried these or any of the lip stains out that seem to be everywhere! I need more!!


  1. I really need one of these in my life, ive been umming & ahhing for a while but I think im going to go for it xxx

  2. I love the colour of this :)
    Would be nice with a bit of lipgloss over it :)

  3. Ive been thinking about getting one of these for months now, might have to just go for it!

  4. Been looking at these for a while but never actually bought it, may just try it now! :)


  5. this looks like a real felt pen, so I believe it stays through the day huh!?
    Choice of colour was really good!

  6. I bought one couple of months ago, it was pretty awesome when new but its all dried up now and a waste of money :( x

  7. I love these they are so amazing
    I love how they have the balm on the other end!

    Awesome Post!!

  8. i like lip stains for the right occasion, people always say they are drying... but they are a stain they always will be and if you are going out and need the colour to last they are great... as you say just not for everyday :D


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