Cheeky Haul & Topshop Nail Art Pens!!

Monday 2 January 2012

Hey Ladies,

You may have noticed the lack of YouTube videos ... even more so than usual, it's because my silly iMovie keeps knocking my video/audio out of sync so I've given up on making more videos til its sorted! Sooo I thought a mini haul on here was in order as i've picked up some products this week which are amazing!

Yankee Candle Cake - Vanilla Sandlewood
This smells amazing, I'm a massive fan of vanilla scents but don't like overly sickly ones, this sandlewood one is perfect for me it's a really rich smell kind of masculine & homely.

Benefit They're Real Mascara - I bought this on Buyapowa this week, I did attempt to explain this concept but it got erased as it was complete rubbish, if you've not heard of it just look here. I ended up getting it for £12 & I received it within 2 days, majorly impressed & will be participating in future deals!! Used the mascara this morning & all I'll say for now is WOW!!

Moroccan Oil - I only got the mini size because I really wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I bought the full size for myself just before Christmas! I fell in love with this when I had my hair done at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Manchester (A post to come) & I love it even more now i've got some!

Topshop Nail Art Pens in Barbarella (pink) & Frozen (White)

These are AMAZING, they give you the most precise line I've ever had from a nail art tool, the normal ones come out so 'blobby' for straight lines & intricate designs whereas these are perfect, if you don't put a topcoat over it does come off with a bit of rubbing which again is great if you are super OCD about getting designs nice & perfect.

I kind of enjoy looking at this mini haul, not too OTT & exactly what I wanted!! Have you made any cheeky purchases for yourself instead of Christmas Shopping??


  1. i had no idea toppers did these! off to topshop i go x

  2. moroccan oil is really expensive but soooo good, huh? ;)

    those nail art pens look fun, i'm gonna see where i can get some. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. Those nail art pens look amazing! I tried out a massive pack from Ebay years ago, but they were rubbish so I gave up on the whole idea. Those might change my mind though! Checking out Buyapowa now. x

  4. I keep looking at these nail art pens and wasn't sure whether to pick them up or not, but think I might have to now!


  5. did you order your Moroccan oil online or from a store/salon? If it was in a shop where was it from, as I want to try some but feel stingy at forking out for p&p as well! xx

  6. The nail pens look great, I am going to have to check these out. x

  7. @Irmx I bought it online from HQ hair as i had a £5 off voucher, i'm sure if you shop around you'll find it with free postage perhaps BeautyBay has it!

  8. i need those nail art pens! diffintely going to call in tomorrow ;)all the ones i have got before are crap and like you said come out blobby x

  9. Had no idea Topshop sold nail art pens! Defo need to pick a couple up!

  10. I am gagging to get my hands on those nail pens!

  11. loving the nail art pens... right up my street :D

  12. Wow them pens look amazing!! xx

  13. Those pens look so lovely! Yay for Topshop.

  14. Tomorrow I am off to To-Sho for surrre!
    The lines you created are perfection! Candy pin stripes :')

    How are you finding the M.oil?



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