Glitter Tips

Sunday 8 January 2012

Hey Ladies,

You know I love a bit of glitter nail polish right? Well after buying some TERRIBLE Elegant Touch nails last week I challenged myself to make them wearable.

The Results!
You Will Need:

A Glitter Polish - China Glaze - CG In The City
A Top Coat - Jessica - Top Priority
Nail Glue - Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue
White Polish - Topshop Nail Art Pen
False Nails - Elegant Touch Classic French X Short
Step 1 - Apply Nails

They Are just terrible, they are supposed to be x-short but the tips are too short & the pink is too long, so your actual nail tips show underneath!

Step 2 - Correct Tips with a white nail polish

It doesn't have to be perfect but it will mean less coats of glitter!
Step 3 - Paint over the tip with Glitter

It'll take about 3 or 4 coats
Step 4 - Add a couple of layers of top coat

Hey presto! Glitter tips, if you actually find some nails that fit you nicely you can do the painting first & it'll make it a lot easier. I personally love the brush on glue you can buy separately it makes applying the nails so much tidier & there's no sticking your fingers together (just me?) of course you can use the glue provided.

I LOVE this glitter from China Glaze, it is like a gun metal glitter in a very sheer black polish!! I am officially addicted to press on nails again, if you remove them properly by melting them off with acetone they don't damage your nails & allow your natural nails the protection to grow underneath. Plus your nail polish never chips on them .. Time to break out all my Zoya polishes which chip immediately on natural nails.

Any tips for applying the nails so you dont get any of the air bubbles underneath?? Which are your favourite glitter polishes?


  1. These look great, so neat aswell!

  2. ohh glitter polish always looks so good but is a pain to get off!

    shame you didnt get along with the falsies!

  3. Ooh these look really good! I never wear false nails as I just cant find one that fit, but perhaps this is a solution! xx

  4. These look great, glad you found a way to make the falsies work!

  5. These look so nice :-)

  6. I really like what you've done with these - much nicer :-)

  7. i love the glitter that you have used, i must get my hands on it :D

  8. I think the xs nails are a bit too short as you can see my nail under them too, and mines arent long at all. the long length ones are way too long though. I bought them, and then I had to file them way down to makes them wearable

    I love what you did with these ones.



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