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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Hey Ladies,

I've had my Tesco Club Card in my purse for the past 10 years probably & used it about 3 times, this is despite going to Tesco everyday, I kind of thought it was pointless because I had no idea what the points were actually for. Turns out you can do some pretty amazing things with the points.

Now you can use your points in two ways, once you have reached 150 points they are converted into £1.50 vouchers which you can spend in store or online, I hope I don't need to point out that the more you spend the more vouchers you get, which come in your monthly statements from Tesco.

Alternatively you can opt to save up the vouchers in exchange for their Clubcard Deals which is anything from days out to actual holidays, there are some amazing deals including villa holidays, days to disney land Paris or you can use them towards Virgin Holidays. I just wish I knew that before my holiday quote to Hawaii!!

Obviously if you don't have your head in the clouds like me at the moment there are loads of different deals you can 'buy' with your points, if you fancy a meal out £10 of points can get you £40 of vouchers at Pizza Express or Bella Italia or go to the cinema to Cineworld with £4 of points for an adult ticket, if you're on a budget this Valentines day it's a great way to spend your points instead of a night at home.

Also if you've treat yourself to a valentines night out with your beloved & have some points spare Tesco have Clubcard Deals which allow charitble giving, you can help Tesco's Alzheimers charity who are aiming to raise £5 million for the cause, you can provide clean drinking water for 10 people by Oxfam or to the Woodland trust if you are more environmentally friendly & want to help your carbon footprint by helping the Rainforest's recover from all the damage done to them.

There are so much rewards with a clubcard i'm definitely going to be using mine whenever i'm in Tesco even if I don't manage to save the points up for anything for myself I know giving it to Oxfam will be my top choice, the people they help are in much more in need than me.

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  1. My boyfriend and I went to pizza express last weekend courtesy of Tesco :D x

  2. I've been cashing in my points for years, it always amazes me that people are not aware of the deals you can get. If you can trust yourself with a tesco credit card as well you can get points on all your shopping outside of tesco, you get less to the £ than in the store but you still earn them. Are you aware the Treat Street from Boots? Another way to earn Boots points with online shopping.


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