REVIEW: Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar

Sunday 5 February 2012

Hey Ladies,

Despite the fact that I always insist I'm not a Lush fan I seem to want to try quite a few of their products, my current obsession was with their shampoo bars, I'd seen some on a YouTube videos & was intrigued so I popped down to my local Lush for a nosey.

Godiva Shampoo Conditioning Bar
It's not often as a Blogger I haven't heard of products so I don't know how I missed these, it's quite nice to go into the store with no preconceptions of what they're like, smell like etc & the same for testing it. In terms of my choice of shampoo bar I chose Godiva over the others as I personally found it was the only smell I could stand of all their offerings, I have a rather sensitive nose to things that smell awful.

Ok so when it came to shower time tonight I stood there & wished I'd read some instructions on what you're actually meant to do but I improvised & went with just rubbing it over my wet hair & I have to say it lathers up very well (more on that to come) & made my hair feel very very clean. It is described as having added conditioning properties but to be honest I needed to follow with conditioner, I could have braved it to see what my hair would be like to brush afterwards but i'm really not brave enough, is it just me that's paranoid about the amount of hair I shed to the point of looking at products aimed at hair loss in women, I was afraid it would be impossible to brush out so I caved & conditioned it.

Once I blow dried my hair quickly I noticed a couple of things, my roots felt amazingly soft (where I hadn't conditioned) & really really light & bouncy, I think this would count as a clarifying shampoo in my books so not one I'd use regularly but once a week/twice a month otherwise the ends of my hair would end up extremely dry but it was nice to have some sort of conditioning agent (although not enough for my long hair) added to my roots as I only ever condition the ends

Overall I have to say I quite like using this, the smell of the shampoo does linger in your hair so make sure you like the smell of the one you go for & it does clean your hair really well, I have just one problem, why is the number one ingredient Sodium lauryl sulphate? I thought Lush was all about the natural ingredients yet they use an artificial foaming agent like this, I have use plenty of SLS free shampoo's that I swear by so I don't know why Lush can't replace this ingredient for a more environmentally friendly natural one. For that reason I probably wont purchase this again & go back to the more natural ones & is why I probably wouldn't want to recommend this to people, it's not worth the £6 they charge when the top ingredient is SLS, go for the Tresseme Naturals shampoo instead (smells a lot better & suitable to use everyday as well).

Have any of you tried a Lush shampoo bar? what did you think about it??


  1. ive never heard of these before either but am currently using some tigi stuff which is sls free and im getting on nicely with :D

  2. For my part, I tried the Godiva solid shampoo and Chasse-Neige and these shampoos that made my hair greasy formerly totally normal. I totally agree with you on the SLS, but I do not blame these shampoos for that reason.

  3. I've really never fancied these but now you've said it would work as a clarifying shampoo, I'm interested x

  4. I really love your blog, I got my first blog award today and wanted to pass it on to you as you are one of my favs! You've probably already got one but please visit my blog to claim your 'versatile blog' award button! xx

  5. I tried tricomania (I think thats how you spell it) which is meant to be good for thick curly hair, but it made my hair all straw like. Was not impressed. love you blog just subbed xx

  6. When I was 16 and pretty much peroxide blone I used this and marylin as my conditioner (even though that is supposed to be a pre-treatment!) and I must say I loved how soft my hair was!! x


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