The Harrods Glossybox and Giveaway

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Hey Ladies,

I haven't really posted on my blog my thoughts on the beauty box phenomenon mainly because I think everyone else covers it on a monthly basis thoroughly enough & I don't want to bore you. I initially filmed a video which I still stand by but having been sent the Glossybox every month without posting on it I have to admit my opinion has slightly changed on the matter mainly because I am yet to be really disappointed by a box which was my main critique in the video.

This month sees Glossybox collaborate with Harrods which I was extremely excited about when it was announced, I was so excited I subscribed to the service in order to do a giveaway so that one of my readers could have one as well (details at the bottom of the post)

Top Left to Right
Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection, Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Serum, Fendi Fan Di Fendi
Bottom Left to Right
Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream, Burberry Beauty Lip Cover in Rosewood
My Thoughts on The Harrods Box
I personally think my box speaks for itself ... it's amazing! I haven't tried Ojon products before so I seriously cannot wait to slap this on my hair and love the Burberry lipstick the shade is pretty just a flattering dark pink nothing I would have bought myself but I like the finish it gives to my lips. The perfume is a decent sample which I think is more citrusy than floral which is the description but it's a nice light fragrance perfect for this time of the year, Clarins body care is always a welcome sight as I have loads of samples at my boyfriends as they always deliver so great for travelling although I hate the perfume Clarins use in their products. Finally the Erno Laszlo facial creams are nothing I've tried before but skin care really is a fetish of mine so I will give them a try but there's not enough to form a proper opinion on the range.

I personally feel people have come to expect full size products every month which is partly due to the Beauty Box producers providing them in many boxes so there's been some backlash at time from customers, to be honest it is a little unrealistic to expect full size product in the boxes as the whole concept behind the idea is they are sample boxes to try different brands you may not have tried before so the Harrods Glossybox is a true reflection on a successful sample box, decent sized samples of high end brands that you may have not heard of before or may have been put off by the price of the full sized product without trying it first!

For example the Burberry Lipstick, I have never tried anything from the Burberry Beauty line & although the shade isn't one I'd choose myself, I wouldn't have bought a full size one online as I have no idea the finish, the smell, taste etc now I have tried it I will happily purchase a full size one as the quality & finish is brilliant although the taste & smell isn't my favourite.

Well done Glossybox this month I say!

Now on to the giveaway all you need to do is be a subscriber & leave a comment of some sort with your twitter name or some way to contact you if you're the winner,  you will receive an unopened box (the one I purchased!) I've had to open the outer packaging to remove my billing & address details but I have no idea what is in the box & the items inside could be completely different to the ones above just in case you're thinking you got this one!!

Giveaway ends 31st March 2012

Good Luck & get entering!!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity, love your blog!
    Twitter: Kaytivstheworld

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  3. Hi Nicole - love the blog! Many thanks for thinking of us and purchasing an extra glossybox to giveaway - that's so kind of you! :) I would love to win it and look forward to the draw to see if I'm the lucky one! Keep up the great work on the blog and look forward to your next update!

    All the best, Stephanie (twitter:belle_stephanie)

  4. Followed! :) Thank for the opportunity! My twitter is @shawtyletsgo_

    I love the positivity in your blog, always cheers me up! So thank you! <3

  5. Great giveaway.




  6. Awesome giveaway! :)


  7. Great review and giveaway!

    Danni x (Twitter = @GreenSins)

  8. Oh, nice giveaway!
    GFC: Lena M.
    twitter: @LenaMaxw

  9. Would love to win this box :)

  10. Hi Nicole, thanks for the giveaway, that is so generous of you
    Gfc angel charm
    Email angelinrhythm(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. Thanksfor the giveaway Nicole, twitter:@CupcakeloverJ x

  12. Lovely giveaway, thanks! I'm a subscriber from Canada.


    Cheers, Lisa

  13. Great giveaway! I already follow you as Vix.

    twitter: thevickijuice

  14. A great prize!I would love the chance to try out glossybox!

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    Lottie x

  15. Hello,

    I love you for this giveaway, this omne of the WOWS. I have been dying to get my hands on one of those boxes. Have ablessed day and thank you so much
    Twitter - Jesusismygrace

  16. Great giveaway!! :-)

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    Thank you! x

  17. Thank You so much for this great giveaway!

    Good luck everyone!

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  19. Amazing giveaway, I love the look of the lipstick! I am following via gfc.

  20. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    I am a subscriber to your blog as Kris Beauty
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  21. The box looks awesome... Bet it would really brighten your day to get that in the post!

    My email address is jennifer[dot]r[dot]mills87[at]gmail[dot]com

    Good luck with your giveaway xx

  22. So excited you are giving one away! Love the site!

  23. Awesome!
    My name is Kristyn and I have no twitter but I do have an email and I hope that works! <3


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