NOTD: I Heart Vegas Manicure

Monday 23 April 2012

Hey Ladies,

I don't know if any of you have read Lindsay Kelk's books but the 'I Heart...' series I have a serious addiction to, I can read one of the books in a day & cannot put it down, when I read the I Heart Vegas edition last week it made me want to jump on a plane with my boyfriend & go get married there .... Nana if you're reading this don't worry I wont. So my recent obsession with Las Vegas & Stilleto nails basically lead me to spend Sunday filing down some false nails into points & painting them an 'in you're face' kind of manicure.

Before                                                                                                   After                                        
I used Topshop Nail Art Pens in Pink & White & Illamasqua Nomad Nail Polish

I seriously advise to stick the nails on before painting them, it's so fiddly!! Any hoo, I kind of love them, perhaps not an everyday manicure but a fun night out type affair, perfect in Vegas for Casino games sipping on a cocktail blowing on some dice, everything's just a bit OTT there hence these are perfect!

*Sigh a girl can dream I guess!!

Anyone totally digging the pointy nails like me? I've painted them a different shade for work & they make me feel so girly, I just want to be rude & point at everything, only problem is I can't use my phone or type, may be a slight problem in the office tomorrow!!

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  1. I heart your nails :D
    I used to love/have pointed nails, but then I fell in love with square nails and haven't looked back since
    That manicure sort of looks like a watermelon, well the colors ! So pretty :D


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