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Monday 11 June 2012

How many of us exercise our bodies simply because we enjoy the feeling that a cardiovascular workout gives us? The sense of healthy achievement and physical fatigue is certainly addictive, and the benefits of our exercise endeavours make us glow, helping to increase our feeling of well-being. But how many of us exercise because we feel we have to make up for our poor eating habits?

Eating certain foods has most likely made us all feel guilty to some extent at some time or another. So it stands to reason that as long as we thoroughly enjoy the food we eat, the blood, sweat and tears – earned in the gym or pounding the paths around our local park – are a lot easier to take.

Food glorious food

Food – don’t we just adore it? A perfect plate of food can be a very personal thing. One person’s Lobster Thermidor is another’s steak and kidney pie. One person’s Salad Ni├žoise is another’s Tagliatelle Carbonara. And so it goes on.

If two people request the same dish to be cooked and served exactly to their preference, there is every chance that the two plates of food could end up being received differently. One person might prefer their meat to be slightly rarer than the other, their vegetables to have a touch more crunch, their pasta a little more ‘al dente,’ or their sauce just a tad richer or thicker. The dishes might be the same, but there are measured differences, and it’s these differences that can make all the difference.

Control is key

We all love it when something sets our taste buds dancing with joy and our toes curling in flavorous ecstasy. For the most part, we are all aware of the hard work and skill involved in creating such culinary magic. A lot of it, of course, is understanding the ingredients and how best to cook them, but it’s also about the control you have over that cooking. And with a quality appliance, it’s so much easier.

That’s why with a Beko cooker from Littlewoods, you’ll find it a pleasure to create the dishes you want. Their range of gas and electric cookers are both stylish to look at and highly efficient, giving you maximum control over your cooking time and temperature. 

In no time at all, you’ll be thinking up recipes on the treadmill. 

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