REVIEW: JolieBox June 2012

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Hey Ladies,

I know I may not post about beauty boxes that often but I thought I would show you the JolieBox Birthday edition box because well, it's beautiful!

June Jolie Box* 

I mean look at it, it is seriously a work of art, I do re-use my beauty boxes for storage & these two  will take pride of place in my room, I think JolieBox have gotten the designs perfect very Parisian chic with the orange Herm├ęs type shade & a beautiful quirky pattern on the other box.

From what I gather from previous reviews of boxes I have read JolieBox are more skin care focused which I J'adore (... sorry) and this months box has certainly not disappointed on the skin care front.

Just for reference there are two boxes available this month, one for oily/combination skin & one for dry skin, I have the oily skin version.

Elysambre Lipstick Care
I have the clear version of this in my box but it is available in different shades & it is basically a lip balm which is 100% of natural origin, it smells lovely like cocoa butter & is a really good lip balm, the packaging isn't the most glamorous but perfectly practical & does the job.

Institute Esthederm UV inCellium Spray
I am a huge Institute Esthederm fan so was very happy to see this (I have used one of their serum's before & it was amazing) It is a pre-tanning treatment which encourages the skin's natural defences and helps to give a long-lasting tan. Well I am not going on holiday but if the weather improves (drastically) then I will give this a whirl does smell nice as a side note. This is a very expensive brand so great to see in the box for people to try the product before committing to the full size.

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream 
I am a huge L'Occitane fan and have wanted to try their Angelica range since I heard about it, this is more a night cream for me and it is lovely, very hydrating and has a lovely fresh scent nothing distinguishable and left my skin feeling very soft the next morning, I will definitely look at purchasing this full size.

YON-KA Protective & Vitalizing Cream
First of all, love the word Pamplemousse (totally irrelevant) & have to say LOVE this face cream, it may seem a bit extreme (didn't mean for that to rhyme) to include two face creams in a box but this is your day cream & the L'Occitane is a night cream so that housekeeping has been done onto the cream; it is quite a thick texture but light & absorbs in your skin immediately, I have been really enjoying using the cream this week & it smells amazing, very lemony which at 6am when I apply it is very uplifting and really agreeing with my face so far.

You also get a cute little 'I Love JolieBox' nail file which is useful for my handbag, as you can probably tell I am a fan of the birthday box and hopefully you picked up on the fact all the brands featured are French JolieBox's nod to their French heritage & I certainly love French skincare so totally recommend signing up for this box which you can still do at the JoileBox website.

On a side note I got to meet the JolieBox team last week at an event with RMK & they are so lovely & welcoming, it's always nice to see the faces behind the brand & after a successful first year here's to the next!

Are you subscribed to JolieBox? How have you found it in terms of consistency etc? I know they are always happy to see the feedback!


  1. Worth subscribing for the box alone- its beautiful!

  2. very nice!!
    visit my blog, we can follow each others!!

  3. This has made me excited to receive mine! xo

  4. That's gorgeous! I think I might have to check out their beauty boxes! :) x

  5. Still waiting for mine! Products look really good though and I love the picture in the bottom of the box :)


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