HOW TO: Aztec Nails

Saturday 28 July 2012

Hey Ladies,

I seem to be obsessed with nail art at the moment & when some Orly Instant Artist polishes landed on my door step I had a bit of a play & thought i'd show you the results & how to achieve them!

Aztec Nails

O.P.I Done Out in Deco
Avon Sea Breeze
Orly Instant Artist Nail Polishes*
Orly Dotter Duo* 

1. Paint your nails
Don't think this stage needs much explaining but I like to use pastel shades & alternate the colours on my nails, Done out in Deco is my all time favourite lilac & I have been really enjoying the Avon polish these two polishes stay on my nails for a week with no chipping!

2. Paint Stripes on your nails
The Orly Instant Artist polishes are striper polishes so have a really long thin brush perfect for stripes (obviously). Paint 3 or 4 stripes depending on your nail length, they don't have to be too neat just pretty even in thickness.

3. Outline the stripes with black
This does take some patience but with a thinner line outline the coloured stripes with black the key is to wipe off some black before attempting it & do it in one sweep & leave a decent amount of time before doing this step to make sure the stripes have fully dried.

4. Decorate the stripes
I like to use the dotter tool & paint some zig zags, horizontal dashes & forward slashes (the only description I can think of) this is the easy part & you can get creative. Don't forget to use a top coat to seal the design on, the Instant Artist polishes are water based (apart from a couple) so they can be wiped off so easily if you balls it up (I did a lot before i got the hang of it).

This looks like it took forever & gets so many compliments but is actually pretty easy if you can keep a steady hand & the Orly polishes just make it 10x easier than if you used a normal nail polish brush. They're around £6 each & you can get them here I want every shade! Just wait til I start leopard printing!!

Hope you're all well, i'm off to London for a couple of days, dreading the Olympic congestion but looking forward to good food & even better shopping.


  1. I love these nails. They are so pretty. xx

  2. well done! I want to try these orly instant artist nail polishes x

  3. These are amazing! I need to try this :)I love aztec prints:) x

  4. Oh wow, your nails look amazing. Love the design :) Have a fab time in London :)


  5. love the colours you used, the mint with pink and purple is so cute xxx

  6. i love how hand-done they look as you can get the aztec stickers for your nails which i have tried and they look so fake and from where they are printed onto the adhesive they look bobbly and horrible so i might have to pick up those orly colours and try this myself :)

  7. Such gorgeous nails!


  8. They look brill Nicola! XX


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