REVIEW: Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins

Sunday 6 January 2013

Hey Ladies,

I've been changing up my skincare recently & thought it was about time I review some of them for you all. First up my current night cream of choice from Origins.

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins
The High-Potency Night-A-Mins moisturiser uses time-release resurfacers alongside vitamin C, E & H to brighten up your skin whilst you sleep. After one use I could see the difference in my skin, it looked brighter, healthier & more plump. It smells absolutely lovely and is designed to sooth you to sleep personally it just makes me want to eat chocolate oranges but then again I could get to sleep in the blitz.

Although I have been using this nightly for over a month I think it may be best to save it for one or two nights a week or when your skin is looking dull & sallow as it is a great pick me up & then use a regular night cream the rest of the time because it is very potent which could be too much for some skins every night.

One thing I do really appreciate from Origins is that their moisturisers come in oil free options and so if you want the benefits of the brightening & resurfacing from this line for example but have oily skin there is an option for this, personally I found my skin absorbed this instantly but in summer an oil free version might be something I would invest in.

I definitely recommend this if your skin needs a pick me up & you're not into wearing an overnight face mask as this pretty much is an overnight facial. It is widely available in department stores or from Origins & rrp is £33 for 50mls.

Any new skin care items floating your boats after the overindulging season?


  1. ive been using the origins make a different rejuviunating moisturiser the last few weeks and i love it! definitely going to be purchasing more origins skincare.

  2. I also use night-a-mins! I have really combination skin and not only has this taken care of my dry areas but also the surplus of moisture has reduced some of the natural oiliness in my T-Zone.


  3. I use the Origins Drink up Overnight mask and it is amazing, this looks good too xxx

  4. Or is it the other way round? You need to be careful while treating your skin.
    Cheek Filler

  5. I'm definitely considering getting this, I haven't read a bad review yet! I need something that is going to help my skin overnight but also sort of "plump" it - the origins website recommended this and I'm definitely drawn to it after reading all these good reviews :)

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