REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

Sunday 24 February 2013

Hey Ladies,
I should warn you now there is a shot of me makeup-less in this post so: WARNING: Graphic Content.  I have been trying out the new Urban Decay BB cream over the past couple of weeks and thought I'd tell you my thoughts. In the past couple of years the market has been flooded with BB  cream launches and I've never really been a fan of Western ones as they tend to be tinted moisturisers slapped with the BB cream label so I was eager to see how this one measured up.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm*
'A five-in-one BB cream that minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles, and redness instantly and gives you significantly firmer, more-lifted skin in eight weeks.'

First of all I love the packaging, the metallic rose gold and pewter just means its nice to look at but it is practical too as it isn't a rigid tube so you can control how much you squeeze out so there's no waste and when you're getting towards the end of the product you'll be able to get out as much out as possible, plus it will be easy to cut open to use every last drop.

From the pictures you can tell it adds a lovely warmth to the face and does minimise some imperfections, if you have pretty good skin you this is all you need and it looks like you have nothing on your skin. The finish of this I particularly like, I find most BB creams to be quite radiant in their finish on the skin but this is a happy medium between matte and dewy so if you are more combination skinned this is a good choice.

Probably my favourite aspect of the Naked Skin Beauty Balm is the fact that Urban Decay don't claim that this is all you need, the use of foundation over the top is encouraged if you need it and so to me this is really a BB Cream: a product that moisturises, refines, brightens, and primes your skin ready for foundation. Most BB Creams on the Western market claim they'll replace your foundation but like I said are glorified tinted moisturisers so some people use them and hate them because it's not enough coverage, the Urban Decay BB Cream packages instructs you to add some foundation afterwards.

This is when the Naked Skin BB Cream comes into its own, have you ever had a foundation which is a matte finish and you want to wear it because you're on a night out or need to have it last all day but it can make your skin look dead and emphasise your dry patches? I certainly do and when I use this as my primer I get all the benefits of the longevity of the foundation but the BB cream makes my skin look healthier and stops any dry patches on my face from being an issue.

It is £23.00 and you can get it from LookFantastic & HQ Hair with free delivery. I am seriously impressed with some of Urban Decay's new offerings and my shopping list just keeps expanding, have you tried any of their new launches? 


  1. Your skin still looks good without make up! I'm impressed (:

  2. I have never brought an UD product and been disappointed love all their products so will defiantly try this. x

  3. This looks like a gorgeous product! I love my Dr Jart BB cream but this is one of the only 'western' ones that I've badly wanted to try :) xx

  4. It looks really nice, I love UD's palettes so this may be next on the list to try! xxx

  5. Your skin looks nice and healthy, I'm a bit jealous!

  6. Your face looks even fatter with that fringe.

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