REVIEW AND COMPARISON: La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo and Effaclar K

Thursday 23 May 2013

Hey Ladies,

A few months ago I got a pesky bout of spots that refused to leave my face, I hadn't used any new products and couldn't pin point what was causing it and so I resorted to purchasing spot fighting skincare. In my research I came across a lot of hype for La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and also Effaclar K but in all the hours I spent looking I couldn't find a definitive difference between the two products.
La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo & Effaclar K

For reference I initially started using the Duo & later purchased the K, during my never ending breakout the Duo performed above and beyond, not only did it clear up my breakouts very quickly it stopped any new breakouts occurring as well as it helping clear up any general congestion. I was hooked from that moment on. During my 'get these sons of bitches off my face' phase I used the Duo morning and night and found it to be way too drying for my face and so switched to using it just in the morning. Once my routine settled I noticed I didn't get any more spots for a good three months and I do put it down to the Effaclar Duo. If you have oily skin that can get spotty (not acne) this is the product for you.

Moving on to the Effaclar K, once my breakouts had passed I moved on to the K and it finally clicked what the difference is between the two products, the Duo is for active skin and the K is for oily skin which is past breaking out but still needs refining and keeping the oilies at bay.

Texture wise the Duo is more of a serum/gel consistency whilst the K is a light cream and I do notice a huge difference between the two under makeup, whenever I used the Duo I noticed when I applied my primer it would kind of rub itself off and I put it down to the actual primer but once I used it over the K it hit home that it was the Duo making it act like this. Definitely something to bare in mind but my solution is fairly simple, in the day I use the K as a day cream and at night I use the Duo under my moisturiser.

Price wise they're £13.00 each and easily accessible from Boots (Link) for such effective products I think the prices are fantastic and I will always have these two products in my skin care arsenal and I definitely want to purchase their Effaclar A.I. for targeted spot treatment.

As a quick summary Effaclar Duo is for oily skin that is breaking out and Effaclar Duo is for refining oily skin.

Have you tried any La Roche Posay products? I am now a life long subscriber to their products.


  1. i love duo too, i bought some of the face washes and a face scrub too which are also really good.

  2. The Effaclar duo didn't work very well for me but I think that the K could be brilliant- thanks for explaining the difference!

  3. For some reason the Effaclar Duo doesn't seem to be working for me either, my spots keep multiplying :(

  4. The Duo goes through various phases of working for me! I definitely think the K has some properties for toning down past breakout marks too.
    I got the A.I but have yet to see any results from using it, would love to know your thoughts!

  5. Hi! I read through this article and I need your advice about this product on my skin. I have oily skin, large pores, blackheads on my nose area, blemishes on my jaw line area. I'm using Neutrogena mosturizer for oily skin and Avene Trianeal to treat my blemishes. I wonder if Effaclar Duo is a mosturizer or is it supposed to treat blemishes? And with my skin condition, what product would you recommend me using? Effaclar Duo or Effaclar K?
    Thank you
    Thank you

  6. And I don't really understand the phrase "active skin", so it's still confusing to differentiate between these two products

    1. i believe 'active skin' means your skin is in the red, angry pimple phase. so, the effaclar duo is the preferred one.

      if your skin is starting to clear out and looks stable, effaclar k is the suggested one.

  7. I have really small bumps on my face the same color of my skin they are not really seen by people but I feel it and I can see it idk what to use for this problem


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