Festival Proof Makeup

Sunday 14 July 2013

Hey ladies,
If you are reading this on Sunday I am currently at the Wireless Festival and thought I'd share my tips on how to prevent your makeup sliding off your face in this heat.

*Sunglasses and Hat added poorly post production!
La Roche Posey Anthelios XL SPF 50 £14.50 Link
An SPF is a must in this weather on the face and body, I've always struggled finding one that was suitable on my face they were either too greasy or broke me out. This bad boy is mattifying so excellent under makeup and as of yet no spots in site.

Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray £19.50 Link (mine's the mini size)
I have talked of this endlessly and it doesn't look like i'll be stopping any time soon, a spritz of this before you put your base on then onces your makeup is in place another layer and your makeup will stay on longer than it ever has, it is a must.

Makeup Atelier Waterproof Gel Foundation £28 Link
Waterproof foundation formulas I have found to last the longest and although you have to be careful in application (this stuff doesn't come off your fingers if you apply with them unless you use an oil makeup remover afterwards) but once it is on your face it ain't budging until you want it to.

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer £22.50 Link
Again a waterproof formula and if you suffer from dark circles like myself this is a godsend, it will cover up the darkest of dark and stays on all day without looking cakey.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer £9.99 Link
I don't actually use this as a primer as I prefer others products for that task but as a cream bronzer I personally think this beats the infamous Solei Tan De Chanel (which I hate) as the shade is none orange and applies wonderfully even over foundation. The main reason this is a winner for me is because it mattifies brilliantly and my makeup lasts longer than if I wasn't to wear it.

Benefit Coralista Blusher £23.50 Link
Travelling wise the Benefit blushers are awful (why can't they release them in smaller COMPACT options) anyway this is my ultimate blusher for adding some colour and life to my face. A cream blusher gives such dimension and sheen to the face but doesn't last very long and the Coralista is a great alternative as the sheen is beautiful and makes you look radiant.

Benefit They're Real Mascara £19.50 Link
Fuss free eye makeup is the look for me and big bold lashes are my number one priority, this mascara lengthens, volumises and curls like no other in one quick coat. Another point to note with this mascara is that it doesn't flake or smudge whatsoever, I have cried a river with this one & it has remained fairly intact so if you don't enjoy a waterproof formula it could be the one.

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry £11.50 Link
A bright bold lip is a statement I often like to make with my makeup, it looks like you've spent so much more time and effort with your appearance when in reality all you've done is whacked some lippy on, the Velvetines are great for a festival because they dry matte and last a serious amount of time so completely fuss free.

Have you got any tips for prolonging your makeup in weather like this? I LOVE the warm weather but when I'm sat in my none air conditioned office I do tend to moan, with Wireless done next up Bestival.


  1. boots have just bought out a 'coral my world' sample box with coralista and sun beam for £9.50! I snapped it up yesterday in boots- its only a small 3.0g blusher, but its so cute and better to try out for a fraction of the price!

  2. im loving the weather but not loving how my makeup slides off! so that urban decay sounds right up my street! i just bought the sample sized Coralista which Kerry mentions above, ive wanted to try it for ages but didnt really need another blusher! but when its on offer... cant really say no!

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