Nails of the Week: Barry M Gelly Greenberry

Sunday 11 August 2013

Hey Ladies,
With the weather going back to the usual British Summer ie raining and pouring I thought a bit of brightness could be at least achieved on my finger tips.

This is my first Barry M Gelly formula and like everyone else it would seem in the blogging world I am impressed. The formula is quite thick, applies like a dream and quickly dries, I always apply a top coat but it is potentially skippable if you're in a rush as they're so shiny. Shade wise it is a beaut, it is practically a neon mint green; very very unique.

Wear wise they last a good 5 days with no chips, the whole gel nail polish is just a marketing gimmick if you ask me as i'm yet to find one that doesn't chip for 2 weeks like an actual gel manicure, they tend just to be slightly thicker formulas with a very shiny finish.

For £3.99 you can't really be irked by the marketing ploy, Barry M is nicely accessible at Boots stores, online (here) or Superdrug.

I am finding it hard not to purchase all the shades, I just need to keep telling myself 200 bottles of nail polish is all a girl needs. Please tell me I'm delusional and can buy more?? Which shades do you recommend from the range and tell me do they last as well as a Shellac manicure on you?


  1. Ooo this shade is gorgeous. Definitely adding to my list. I'm currently rocking blueberry :)

  2. I love these, this is one of my favourite colours. I also have Passion Fruit and Blueberry x


  3. It's pretty ridiculous that I haven't tried any of these yet...not too readily available in Australia :(



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