REVIEW: MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Saturday 24 August 2013

Hello Ladies,
Yes my quest for a lipstick collection consisting of 100 orangey red shades is still going strong, one shade which was always on my radar was Lady Danger by MAC. (if the title didn't give it away)
MAC Lady Danger Lipstick
This is described as a 'Vivid bright coral-red' by MAC, however on me it is a slightly orangey red. It is a Matte formula so very long lasting and this shade isn't at all drying (apparently some are extremely drying RiRi Woo being one) 

I would personally say this would be a great lipstick to wear all day, it has decent staying power and if you eat and drink it is very easy to touch up without it looking cakey which can happen with liquid lipsticks if you aren't careful. 

I love wearing a bright lip to the office as people automatically think you've made an effort when all you've actually done is spent a minute applying extra lipstick. Fools them all! Next on my list is Morange and Neon Orange from MAC, what are your favourite lipsticks at the moment?


  1. Such a gorgeous shade, it really suits you! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  2. This look so amazing on you! I picked it up myself recently

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  3. Thanks for the review Nicola I have been thinking about this lipstick, whether to get it or not. I have ruby woo lipstick from mac but I recon lady danger would be a better red for me.

  4. This always swatches nice and looks even better on, definitely one to add to my ever growing wish list :) x

  5. This has actually been on my wishlist for some time! Your lips have such a beautiful shape :D x


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