Look Fantastic Sale: My Top Picks plus Free Gift and Discount Code

Monday 9 September 2013

Hey Ladies,

Don't we all love a good online sale; no pushing and shoving, no crowds just you, your pajamas, a cup of tea and laptop however sifting through 5000 products across 50 pages can sometimes can seem a daunting task, one which is likely to fail if you're attention span isn't the best, well I've done my blogging duty and had a look through the LookFantastic sale and done the leg work for you and collated them into My Top Picks.
Paul Mitchell Far Out Extra Body Duo was £19.50 now £10.89 (Link)
I have heard very good things about the ExtraBody range which is designed to add volume and body at the roots and protecting your hair for any damage. For £5.45 each for 2 full size products it is excellent value.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment 500ml was £34.50 now £19.54 (Link )
I have raved about the Super Strong Treatment for a few years and gone though many bottles, I've never used such an effective leave in product as this, it increases the flexibility of your hair and protects it from further damage. I usually get the liquid version as it's so light but for this price and size the regular treatment is basket bound.

Label M Protein Spray 500ml was £17.85 now £13.19 (Link)
Whenever I go to Toni & Guy the hairdresser always uses this before brushing my hair and it just makes the comb glide through my usually very knotty wet mop, the concept of it is fairly similar to the Paul Mitchell above but in a spray version so great if your hair is on the thinner side as it's weightless ... plus it smells so nice!

Alpha H Liquid Gold Prep & Prime was £25.00 now £15.29 (Link)
I am a HUGE fan of Liquid Gold and I know it is many a beauty bloggers favourite however some people just can't hack it because it is a very strong chemical exfoliation; this 'Prep & Prime' version can be used by both Liquid Gold novice and pro, if you have sensitive skin or new to the world of chemical exfoliation you can use it every other night under your moisturiser, if you are lover of Liquid Gold this can be used underneath your makeup for a bit of day time exfoliation whilst continuing using the hard stuff at night.

Green and Spring Reviving Face Mask was £33.50 now £16.40 (Link)
As we're coming towards Autumn and Winter brightening your skin is a must as the cold and wind can make your skin dry and sallow; this mask is designed to leave the complexion with a well nourished, toned and brightened glow.

Murad Hydration Sensation was £69.60 now £44.66 (Link)
This set is incredible value, It contains my all time favourite moisturiser and eye cream full size; they are perfect for the coming cold as they're incredibly nourishing and great for more sensitive skins as they are very gentle and fragrance free.

DuWop Pure Venom - Nude was £21.00 now £13.14 (Link)
Lip balm is a must for all seasons and this balm leaves a peachy pink stain which nourishes as well as some lip pluming effects and lets face it any pout can do with a bit of a plump.

Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte Lipstick - Red Carpet was £13.25 now £10.08 (Link)
Unless you're a new reader (in which case welcome!) you should know my slight addiction to red lipsticks and especially matte formulas so one which promises to keep your lips well hydrated with a formula enriched with shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

Violent Lips The Coral Cheetah was £10.50 now £6.30 (Link)
I have wanted to try Violent Lips since the moment I saw them; unfortunately £10.50 for one use is a little steep for something I might not actually like. For £6.30 however I could give a go for a night out so it's the perfect time to satisfy my curiosity.

On to the discount code and free gift; if you spend £25.00 in the sale you get a free 'Editors Kit Pick' with your purchases, there's no details on what exactly you get but hey it's free and £25.00 is a very easy amount to spend. The discount code's are below you can use even on sale items!

SEPT4 - £4 off when you spend £30
SEPT8 - £8 off when you spend £55
SEPT12 - £12 off when you spend £80

Have you popped any sale items into your basket or any of my picks tickle your fancy?

.... FYI this isn't a sponsored post or anything I just love a bargain & thought it would be useful!


  1. The Alpha H prep and prime sounds really interesting! I was just thinking of doing a spending ban, that thought lasted about ten seconds when i saw this post, literally about to make an order haha.

    zozeze.com x

  2. I am SO tempted by the DuWop Pure Venom

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