INTERIORS: Out There Interiors Embossed Table Mirror

Monday 14 October 2013

Hey Ladies,
I've recently had my focus and wallet stolen by interiors for my bedroom, I made the decision it was far too bland, unorganised and generally looking a bit shoddy. I wanted to incorporate some of the results on my blog and the thing I was most excited about is my mirror.
Out There Interiors Embossed Table Mirror*
I haven't had a mirror in my room for about 4 years; after I smashed my last one I never got round to purchasing another, as soon as I saw this I knew it was 'the one'.
It is a very high quality built mirror and is very heavy, initially when I picked it out I was worried it might fall down if it's propped up on a dressing table as it's not secured to the wall but once I put it into place I realised how sturdy it is.
Out There Interiors have some amazing pieces, everything from modern mirrored furniture to shabby chic accessories, I am definitely going to be dropping in their shop in London when i'm next down there with some birthday spending money.
If you can't make it to the showroom you can check out their site (here), the mirror is available for £107 (here) which is definitely worth the pennies as it is bound barring any disasters to survive many re-decorations because it is such a classic piece which goes with everything.
Hopefully the next post will be all about organisation, any tips??

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  1. wow this is a really nice mirror, I have seen nothing like it. normally they come more in shappy chic style. But this one looks certainly the part and I am sure transforms your room, adding a little touch of luxury


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