Winter Sunnies

Monday 21 October 2013

Hey Ladies,

Whilst I may preach and get through to some friends regarding the use of SPF even in winter when it comes to wearing sunglasses they sort of huff and we leave the conversation there. So i'm like a Jehovah's Witness going door to door.
Sun is the number one ageing aggressor to skin yet knowing this many many people still go on sun beds and disregard any SPF's in order to keep up their tans. I am not one; I try and prevent premature ageing in any way I can even in winter where it seems the sun hides from us all. Good skin care is of course my number one defence but one which most wont even consider is sunglasses; bright winter morning especially when it has snowed causes you to squint which if you do it enough can cause premature ageing therefore sunglasses are anti-ageing plus lets face it you'll always look cool.

The three pairs I am currently considering as my winter shades are from SmartBuyGlasses who sell all manor of designer glasses and sunglasses at some great prices;

Gucci £147.95 (here) I love big bold sunglasses and tortoise shell patterns so these are a classic that will see you through a few seasons,
Mark Jacobs £172.95 (here) These are totally out of my comfort zone but I think the typical dark winter wardrobe would be suited to a darker frame and lense.
Tom Fordʣ181.95 (here) These are probably the nicest sunglasses i've come across, I love the slight cat eye shape as well as the ombr̩ frames, they are pretty much the perfect shades for me.

I cannot pass the Tom Ford's up I fell in love with them the second I saw them so I will have to have a good talking to myself afterwards but i'll most likely get the Mark Jacobs too as I have nothing similar in my sunglasses wardrobe. Are you as paranoid about ageing as me to purchase new sunnies approaching winter?

** sponsored post, totally buying the sunglasses though so its a good job it's helping to pay for my shopping addiction!

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