The Big Freeze: Winter Coats from Littlewoods

Monday 18 November 2013

Hey Ladies,

I recently posted a picture on Instagram of my new winter coat and since I had so many questions online and people actually stopping me in the street asking me where it is from I thought I would create a post around winter coats as the big freeze is about to hit us in the UK. I actually got the coat from Love Label at Littlewoods I think the exposure from Fern Cotton's range drew me to the site and I fell in love with the Love Label Fur Collar Jacket I thought whilst i'm sharing i'd show you some of my favourites from Littlewoods range of Women's Jackets
Superdry Paddington Duffle Coat - £144 (Link)
A great casual coat and being that it is from Superdry it comes with quality that lasts and it's pretty much guaranteed that it will be super warm. Duffel coats will always be stylish and great for all ages so don't be thinking it's only for satchel sporting students it can take years off your appearance and give you a youthful spring in your step throughout a miserable cold day.

Superdry Vintage City Cropped Mac - £144 (Link)
This is a great jacket for the outdoorsy type, I have visions of walking a spaniel through muddy fields with some leggings, a warm jumper, this coat and some wellies on my feet. For those people who want to be warm but not restricted with a longer coat this is perfect and the colour is nice and neutral so it can be paired with some seasonal cranberry shades as well as more bolder options you may have in your wardrobe.

Love Label Fur Collar Jacket - £85 (Link)
I hate to use the words 'on trend' but I can't associate this coat with anything but them; the leather look sleeves, burgundy body and removable fur stole it is the epitome of chic fashionista and looks a hell of a lot more expensive than it actually is and hence why I get stopped in the street and asked where I purchased it from.

Love Label Dolly Fur Collar Coat - £85 (Link)
I love the shape of this coat as its super girly, the mix of the cream and navy means it can be paired with so many different outfits which of course is so important when you choose a winter coat as you'll be most likely be wearing it everyday for 5 months in the UK.

Are you prepared for the coming weather with your winter jacket? Do you like my selection of coats or have purchased from Littlewoods before?


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  2. I love the look of these winter coats. I just got a great new jacket for myself. I couldn't believe how perfect it was.


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