REVIEW: Laura Mercier Silk Créme Foundation

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Créme Foundation
I constantly have a list of foundations that I need to try (not a metaphorical list an actual list which I check off) and the Laura Mercier Silk Créme sat top row for a long time; Space NK had an amazing discount code a couple of months ago so I couldn't pass this up.

'A rich and luminous foundation offering full coverage while hydrating and protecting the skin'. 

Coverage: This definitely offers a full coverage if you are looking for that and apply it with the correct tools but at the same time if you are looking for a lighter coverage it is easy to adapt the foundation to your needs making it suitable for every occasion, I apply it with my BeautyBlender (review) as it advises to apply with a sponge. It is densely pigmented so cancels redness fantastically, you need quick hands as it sets very quickly. 

Finish: It is described as luminous but I wouldn't exactly say that, I would describe it as a satin finish definitely not matte but not dewy either. If you have dry patches on your skin it does catch on them so that is something to be aware of, perhaps with a moisturising primer it could counteract this.

Lasting Power: I have extremely oily skin and paired with the right primer and powder this foundation lasts fantastically; after 12 hours my makeup looks almost as good as when I applied it and when I remove my makeup (about 15 hours) I just look like I need a top up of powder and blush.

Price: £33 for 35mls isn't the cheapest of foundations but you do get 5mls more than a standard foundation and you also get a fantastic product; if you're looking for a night out foundation this photographs beautifully without any flashback.

This is definitely my party foundation, another slight gentle warning is that I am allergic to this foundation so I would definitely get a sample to make sure you're ok with it. Despite this fact I do wear it when I need to look my best and deal with the consequences after; it is THAT good.

What are your party must have's to keep your makeup in tip top condition for the dance floor?

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