REVIEW: Halston Woman Amber Perfume

Saturday 4 January 2014

Halston Woman Amber*
'Halston Woman Amber is a sophisticated and deeply sensual oriental perfume of hypnotic precious amber and wood resins.'

I rarely try new perfumes as I tend to forget to use the perfumes I already own so buying a new one seems a little wasteful, call it laziness (which it totally is) but it just isn't a priority when I'm getting ready in the morning.

When Selfridges offered me the chance to try the Halston Amber for women I was determined to use it and had very high expectations because the description sounded like the perfect fragrance for me.

It is a very grown up fragrance with the base notes comprised of sandalwood and musk, the top notes of the perfume are fruity but not sweet which keeps it light on application, once they fade the middle notes are more floral with a distinct amber undertone. I describe it as grown up because younger women in general prefer sweeter fragrances and as you get older you begin to appreciate the more deeper scents and this is definitely one of them but is in no way grannyish (basically the smell of pot pourri).

I love this mix of fruits, florals, amber and musk; it certainly didn't disappoint me and the lasting power of this is fantastic, a couple of spritz's and you'll be smelling it on yourself all day. I have received so many compliments since I have started using it.

Design wise the box and bottle are pure luxe, the bottle has a real weight to it and it feels so luxurious and looks wonderful on my dressing table, I don't even want to throw the box away it looks so nice and I am not one for keeping boxes.

Priced at £81 for 100ml eau de parfum (Link) it is a little pricey but so worth it, you need very little so it will last you a long time and it is very unique something I am always happy to pay more for as I'm constantly smelling my other perfumes on people; I doubt many people will have this one.

Are you like me and hate smelling the same as everyone else? I think this could now be my signature scent.

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