REVIEW: Bloodless Vampire Facial @ Bianca Estelle

Sunday 23 February 2014

I think I look rather fetching in a blue hair net!
I was very apprehensive about getting a Vampire Facial after the infamous picture of Kim Kardashian covered in her own blood surfaced which of course totally put me off having it done myself as I don't do well with blood. Thankfully when Bianca suggested the bloodless vampire facial I thought I could brave it and let her work her magic on my skin. 

The treatment started off with some medical grade microdermabrasion in order to get my skin exfoliated and fully prepared for the treatment, I've had the Diamond microdermabrasion done at salons before and the medical grade one makes the diamond seem a bit pointless; my face felt like silk softer than it had ever been.

Once my face had been exfoliated Bianca applied numbing cream to my skin and was very thorough; applying a thin layer and then a thicker layer over the top so it absorbed well and therefore numbed as much as possible. After about 30 minutes of tea drinking and chatting, the cream was removed from my forehead and we started with the treatment.

As I had a bit of sun damage on my forehead (slaps ones hand & applies factor 50) Bianca applied a brightning treatment to each area of my face before using the Dermapen to ensure maximum absoption and after each area had been treated an antioxident potion was then applied over the area (the reddish tint I have on my face in the picture).

Having watched the Kardashian episode where Kim goes for her Vampire Facial I was expecting pain, I wasn't even given the option of not having the numbing cream whereas Kim declined; I even took Ibuphropen in my bag to take before hand but forgot to take it so I was expecting pain. I will categorise each area of my face - 0 being 'I feel nothing' and 10 being 'holy crap get that thing away from me'

Forehead - 4 - I could feel it along my temples but in no way was it unbearable perfectly tolerable.
Cheeks - 0 - It just felt like a light soft poking on my skin.
Chin - 1 - Could just barely feel something but not what I would call pain.
Nose & Upper Lip - 1 - Again could feel something but not painful.

Once the poking was finished a brightening face mask was applied and left on for 15 minutes, removed and my face was thoroughly covered in sunscreen. I thought I would look like a swollen strawberry but happily for the citizens of Birmingham I just looked as if I had spent too long on the sunbed which Bianca assured me was due to the axioxident mix (it was red) rather than the derma pen.

Of course I immediately asked when I would start seeing the results and was told to expect dry skin for around a week and then the results are visible. As expected the dry skin came 2 days post treatment but only lasted three days thanks to the aftercare products i've been using.

This facial is a great option for a variety of ages and skin conditions, for people concerned with ageing it stimulates collagen production, tightens and lifts the skin and reduces fine lines. For people with acne scars or open pores it can help to make your skin smoother and plump up those pores; this was the reason I had it done and I can see a big improvement after one treatment in my open pores. They aren't completely gone but my skin looks plump, healthy, bright and a lot smoother so I would recommend this procedure for anyone self conscious  about their skin

Bianca's practice is based in Birmingham but she does clinics in London now too for more information just visit her website (Link) she's a fantastic aesthetician and I completely trust my face in her hands.

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  1. Wow, I'd actually like to try this because of my pores, too. Sounds a bit scary though, I'm always a bit of a scaredy cats when it goes further than just a cream haha x


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