REVIEW: Nicky Clarke desiRED Roller System

Sunday 23 March 2014

Nicky Clarke desiRED Roller System*
I have wanted to own a pod roller system since I heard about them a few years ago but was never willing to pay the £300 + to get my hands on one. Thankfully as I suspected the high street is never far behind and Nicky Clarke has added their desiRED Roller system to their product range.

'Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers brings the latest in salon styling in to your home. The ultra compact unit is easy to store when not in use and rapidly heats each individual roller, so they're ready when you are. This set contains three different roller sizes with a soft velvet finish and easy to use pins which won't mark your hair.'

These rollers are fantastic, they make my hair look like I have had a salon blow dry; if you have shorter hair they will add a gorgeous curl and volume but if you're like me and have long hair they add such body and life to your hair.

I think the system comes into its own as it's super quick, I find that if you get into the habit of taking off the heated up roller and immediately replacing it with a cold one so that it heats up whilst you're applying the hot roller to your hair it makes the whole process a lot quicker than the traditional heated roller systems as you have to wait for them all to heat up then add them to the hair. Another great benefit about this pod system is when you're only wanting a few rollers in your hair for example to refresh the style in-between washes it saves so much time waiting for all your rollers to heat up and doesn't waste energy heating up rollers that aren't going to get used.

You can get the rollers from Argos (Link) for £79.99 rrp they are definitely worth the investment if you're looking at purchasing some new rollers.
Excuse the no makeup!

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  1. I haven't used heated rollers in aaaages!
    I love your hair and the curls look amazing, really suits you :)


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