WISH LIST: Sephora Now Shipping To The UK

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Unless you were hiding under a rock over the weekend you will know that Sephora now ship to the UK; conveniently we all discovered this on payday. I wanted to put together my shopping list and share with you all.

There was some complaining on Twitter about the fact some brands and products are unavailable to ship internationally but I see the move as a positive and Sephora could see potential in the UK market if there's enough orders and then make a glorious return (wishful thinking?) Others were looking for new releases before the UK launches and lower prices than the UK, I personally just want the products we can't get hold of in the UK and that is what i'll be using it for.

Nest Moroccan Amber Candle $34 (Link)
I have heard so many good things about the Nest candles and anything with Amber as a note will pretty much secure my custom. With a flat £10 shipping fee the weight won't matter so you won't pay a fortune in shipping which usually is the case.

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush $32 (Link)
I actually already have one of these and I NEED another, without doubt one of the best brushes i've ever tried. It's so dense and perfect for powder or liquid foundation application.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation $38 (Link)
A weightless full cover foundation sounds pretty much like the holy grail and although Tarte is coming the UK very soon I don't know which products will be available so it has to be added to the basket.

Bite Beauty Matte Créme Lip Crayon $24 (Link)
I'm all about the Matte lip crayons (mainly Nars) so why not try a new offering, Clementine is a true orange and Blood Orange is a orangey red. Don't they sound just perfect for me?

Makeup Forever Smoky Lash $23 (Link)
Although we can get MUFE in the UK we always have to pay shipping and the prices are higher so it's a great add on item if you're placing a large order. Probably the best mascara in the world if it was easier to get hold of.

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con $42 (Link)
I think Marc Jacobs cosmetics was the main reason the UK population of makeup lovers squealed when the shipping revelation was discovered, the palette that caught my eye the most was the really simple three shadow set in the shade The Ingenue; I don't wear any dark shadows really so every palette I try to find always includes some so they're wasted on me. Finally a neutral light trio I can get some use out of.

Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder $48 (Link)
I love my Laura Geller Balance n Brighten powder but the shade range is pretty bad for those of us with yellow toned skin so i've been searching for a new powder and by the sounds of it this one could be for me. Described as 'Ideal for oily/combination skin diffuses flaws and takes down shine softly and effectively.

Did you place an order? What did you get? I think the only brand I wanted to order that wasn't available was Boscia which I have always been interested in, also Kate Somerville products I would have ordered too but they aren't available to ship however you can buy them directly from the Kate Somerville website so that's some comfort.

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  1. I haven't placed an order but that's purely because I'm going to Florida in May so I'm looking forward to visiting an actual Sephora store, I can't wait!

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