REVIEW: Clarisonic Aria

Thursday 24 April 2014

Clarisonic Aria*
'Clarisonic Aria Pink. Sleek and modern, Aria offers the best of form and function for clean, beautiful looking skin. Clarisonic`s patented sonic technology gently yet thoroughly removes impurities, cleansing 6x better than manual cleansing alone'

The new addition to the Clarisonic range bridges the gap between the Clarisonic original and Clarisonic Mia, it's the size of the Mia with a few additional features which are present on the original;

- Three speed options.
- T-Timer which prompts when to move on to the next area based on Clarisonic's recommendations of 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the nose and chin and 10 seconds per cheek.
- Automatic shut off after the cleansing cycle.
- Drying stand.

Firstly the drying stand is a brilliant addition as it can just sit in your bedroom or bathroom on charge when not in use so you'll never have to go through the bitter disappointment of it running out of charge half way through a cleanse also the option to charge via USB is a great feature for regular travellers; big thumbs up.

I personally use the speed settings for cleansing different areas of my body, I find the slowest setting enough for my face even with the sensitive brush head that comes with the model; the medium setting I use for my neck and chest with a regular brush and I use the high setting on my back again with a regular brush head as the body brush made by Clarisonic is only compatible with the full size model. The addition of the beeping and auto shut off is very useful as it stops you going overboard on the cleansing as you tend to lose track of how long you're cleansing when you're in the shower.

I have found that using the Clarisonic Aria three times a week my skin has become softer, smoother and brighter in appearance and there has been a big difference in the congestion around my nose and chin areas. Another benefit of using the Clarisonic is that you use less of the cleanser you pair with it as it makes cleansing five times more efficient than if you manually cleansed your skin.

You can over do it with the cleansing so I would recommend introducing it daily to begin with until your skin adapts to it, there are brushes designed to suit different skin types - sensitive, normal, deep cleansing and acne brush heads so something to suit everyone.

You can purchase Clarisonic Aria's from Debenhams (Link) for £155


  1. That looks like it works wonders!! Xx

  2. Hi. Great review.
    Question. Where is the lot number? Is it on handle like mia?


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