REVIEW: Astrid and Miyu June Secret Box

Sunday 22 June 2014

I am slowly but surely trying to expand my jewellery collection, simplicity is the way to go for me and I have been eyeing up a few pieces on the Astrid & Miyu site and when the Secret Box was available to purchase I thought i'd take the plunge and order it.

The Secret Box is available every three months for a limited time, you sign up and submit your payment and then complete a short survey about the type of jewellery you like etc and your box gets dispatched to you.

I was very happy to see a dainty necklace in my selection and the tiny ring of 'diamonds' on a gold chain is just perfect for my mission to layer necklaces.

The 'N' ring is a gorgeous rose gold adjustable ring so you can fit it to any of your fingers, it's not a ring I could wear every day as it does tend to get caught in my hair!

The 'bonus' item is a pair of foldable sunglasses, they are a great shape that most people would suit and definitely ones to pop in the handbag if you don't want to take your best sunglasses somewhere for example on the beach or watermark.

Overall I am impressed by what I received and will continue to subscribe to the box as it is a great way of trying a couple of their items for £39 (Link) which is less than you would pay individually for the items.

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