REVIEW: Rodial Glamoxy Exfoliating Pads

Tuesday 1 July 2014

I am a complete convert to acidic based exfoliation, not so much as a bead touches my face these days, acids are less hassle and if used correctly cause no damage to the dermis compared to manual exfoliation. My obsession is on par with my cleansing balm addiction at the minute; I now aim to try every one that is on the market and review as many as possible.

Personally I am not a huge Rodial fan; the marketing of their products make me a little mad at times for example their 'Size Zero' range; in general being a size zero shouldn't be encouraged as it can be dangerous and marketing that a bum cream could get you those results is ridiculous, I can prove to them myself it will do naff all.

Having said my peace I am not one to boycott a range that has decent products; I have used a few in the past and had good results so I was all over their exfoliating pads and a cleanser (review to come) when I was shopping one afternoon.

I would always recommend with a pre-soaked pad to cut the pad in half as they're usually more than enough halved unless you're the elephant man. Rodial recommend you use these twice a day; I am an experienced acidic exfoliating user but I only use them every other night, I find this a more effective treatment for my skin and lets face it the more you use them the quicker you run out and buy more, cha ching to Rodial.

These don't sting my face like the Caine + Austin Retexturising Pads (Review) which suggests they would be better for more sensitive skin but I still wouldn't go head first into these if you haven't used an acidic exfoliator before because they're still a strong acid, maybe start with the REN Clarifying toner first.

After one application you will feel a massive improvement in your skin the following morning, it will be so much softer and smoother and then after a couple of weeks you end up with the most glowing, healthy, evenly toned skin. They are fantastic if you have blemishes too, just avoid the area of the break out until the rest of your skin is treated then give it a thorough wiping and they will clear up in no time.

They will set you back £48 for 50 pads (Link), if you cut them in half you'll end up with 100 treatments, using 4 times a week the pads should last you about 25 weeks which comes to £1.92 per week. That is my girly maths helping you justify a great investment in your skin. You're welcome!

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