Friday 29 August 2014


I completed one of my Bucket List items! Granted in that post (Link) I said I wanted peach hair and it's turned out more pink but hell I don't give a hoot!


I have to say I love the dimension to the colour as it looks so different in different lights; sometimes it looks baby pink, sometimes neon pink and sometimes peach (those are my favourite times), I appreciate that aspect from my nail polishes and my hair shades now! I am relieved that the pre lightening I did didn't wreck my hair, it feels as healthy as ever so that's a massive positive in this experiment. For anyone interested I will timetable my method and the products I used below, it seems excessive but I wanted to get my pre-coloured hair toned as white and even as possible, the bleach turned it a slight yellow tint so it required toning and correcting.

Bleach bath using Crazy Colour Bleach Kit (Link) mixed with shampoo

Toned using Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Toner (Link)
Bleached roots using Crazy Colour Bleach (Link)
Toned using Schwarzkopf Toner again
Shampoo'd with Bleach London Violet Skies Mixed with Shampoo (Link)

Coloured using L'Oreal Preference in the shade Very Platinum (Link)

Coloured with a mix of La Riche Colours Pastel Pink and Apricot (Link)

Shampoo'd with Clarifying shampoo (It was quite patchy so wanted to fade the La Riche colour as much as possible)

Coloured Hair with Bleach London Rose (Link) and Awkward Peach (Link) Shades

Yes it was a pain in the arse to do but it was worth it!

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