SkinChemists: Bee Venom Serum & Rapid Facial Reviews

Thursday 7 August 2014

I have been trying out a couple of products recently from SkinChemists, as I've not tried the range previously I thought a mask and serum would be a good place to get to grips with the brand.

Starting with the serum; I have always been sceptical about the use of venoms in skin products thinking they are more a marketing ploy rather than actual active ingredients however having a quick glance at the ingredients in the SkinChemist's serum I can confirm Bee Venom is fairly high on the list. Bee Venom is supposed to increase blood circulation making the skin smoother and plumper as well as move nutrients between the levels of the skin which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

I thought that because of the venom as an active ingredient it might sting upon application but it doesn't whatsoever, it absorbs into the skin pretty much immediately. Initially I noticed how soft and smooth my skin was feeling which i'm attributing to the Manuka Honey within the formula, after a couple of weeks of use I started to see an improvement in how plump my skin was looking which I always find results in my pores looking a hell of a lot smaller.

I am really impressed by this serum and it does everything it promises, it leaves your skin plump, brighter, smoother, softer and well hydrated. It is on the pricey side at £135 but if you're looking to invest in your skin it's worth every penny and with the discount code 'OBBBEE' (Link) you can purchase the serum for £24.95 and I will definitely be picking up a couple of bottles myself.

The Rapid Facial Treatment is one of those products you reach for when your skin needs an immediate pick me up, maybe if you have had one too many drinks the night before or haven't been drinking enough water so your skin is looking a bit dull and lifeless.

The glycolic acid exfoliates your skin so the initial results you notice the most is how much brighter your skin looks, acids also do wonders for age spots and acne scars so with prolonged use you'll definitely notice an improvement in those.

Despite the exfoliating factor to the treatment your skin doesn't feel dry or tight after use as it is very hydrating meaning it is a great product for all skin types. With any acid it helps to encourage cell renewal and any products used after an acidic treatment will be more effective as the products can penetrate deeper as you've rid yourself of all the dead skin on the surface; so it's well worth introducing an acid into your routine, if you're not committed to the nightly acidic routine this mask is a great weekly treatment.

I love products that make you look rejuvenated when you wake up even when you're not feeling it (I actually sleep in an overnight mask after a night out), the Rapid Facial although doesn't need to be left on overnight still works its magic and you wake up with incredibly soft and luminous skin. It's a definite winner from me and as with the Venom Serum I have a discount code 'OBBRAPID' and you can get it for £19.99 rather than £117 (Link).

I think i've had a great introduction to the brand and having recently been researching into Retinols I think i might invest in their Retinol Serum and Eye Serum so watch out for reviews on those.

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