REVIEW: Jam Transit Wireless Headphones

Friday, 17 October 2014

Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones £59.99 (Link

One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE technology, my mokier at work is 'Gadget Girl' and definitely live up to my reputation, I was offered the chance from Jam Headphones to 'Go Wireless' and I was certainly ready for the challenge because my biggest pet peeve in life getting my headphone wire caught on something and then being ripped out of my ears!

The Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones are so comfortable when you wear them for prolonged periods as you practically can't feel them as they're so lightweight which is a lovely change from my usual headphones which give me the worst earache ever. I am really impressed with the overall design as they sit so snugly and there are controls are on the headphones too so you don't have to keep reaching in your pocket for your device to skip a track/pause etc which is a massive thumbs up from me.

A great feature is that you can also make phone calls as they have a integrated microphone (you don’t have the whole gamer pull down mic at side) the quality isn't compromised whatsoever so the person you're taking to can't hear any background noise and you sound crystal clear.

Probably the most important feature of course is the sound quality which I am happy to report is fantastic especially if you like your music with a bit of base which always seem so crap in the inner-ear headphones, they also do an excellent job of cancelling out surrounding noise and work both ways so if you're listening to something a little shameful the person next to you on the train can't hear your walk down memory lane with Bewitched, Steps, Peter Andre etc.

I love the overall ease of use with the Jam Transit headphones; it's so easy to pair with devices and takes seconds whether it be your iPhone, iMac or iPad (tested thoroughly in my Apple world as well as with a windows phone), you just have to push the play/pause button for a few seconds and it pairs with your bluetooth device and it's as easy as that!

I am a serious convert to wireless headphones now, I am amazed by how much better it is to have them; even when I'm listening to music at home to not be attached to a device makes it so much more enjoyable. If I'm cleaning these go straight on and I'm happy to dance around whilst looking like an idiot and do my dusting they make the task so much more enjoyable.

These would be a great gift for … dare I say it … oh hell I'm going to … CHRISTMAS for someone who commutes or travels a lot and they'll always be with me on my trips and I have to say although they might be slightly large they would be great for kids to use if you're constantly worried (like me) about wires strangling them plus you put a kid on an iPad with wireless headphones and you have yourself a peaceful afternoon! Worth every penny!


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