WISH LIST: Birthday 2014

Tuesday 21 October 2014

You may not know but I really don't like receiving gifts in fact I hate my Birthday entirely, I know you might think that's the weirdest thing ever but I just get so uncomfortable at the whole process that I avoid it as much as possible. I do of course have friends who constantly ask me what I want as I have been told by everyone how much of a pain in the arse I am to buy a present for; Hence my Birthday Wish List has been created and I thought i'd share it on my blog in case anyone wants reviews etc (BTW I am likely to just buy them all myself because some of these are a bit pricey for Birthday gifts).

Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio £65.00 (Link)
I tend to travel a lot and I think this would be the perfect travel buddy for me as it can hold a serious amount of makeup and skincare without adding too much bulk as it's nice and compact and is an organisational freaks (i.e. me) dream as there are four separate compartments which connect magnetically and a brush roll. Also lets face it I would look like a total boss with it!

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow Palette £49.00 (Link)
I have been dying to get my hands on this since it launched as it is just luxury personified with the rose gold packaging so it would make the most amazing Birthday/Christmas gift! It contains a bronzer which looks more on the cool side so it makes an excellent contour and there is also a highlighter to add a lovely glow to your face since i'm getting more into face sculpting I think this would be an excellent addition to my collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush £35.00 (Link)
Of course I can't get the palette without the brush and whilst I am not one for really pricey brushes as I think you can get great brushes on a budget these days this is a little bit special with the rose gold ferrule and the fact the side of the brush is flat means they don't roll which is genius! (simple things but brushes rolling off surfaces after washing is a major annoyance)

Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Nude Kate £23.00 (Link)
I actually don't own that many nude lipsticks and need one for everyday use, i'd feel so swish getting this out my handbag to reapply during the day. I love that this is the colour inspired by Kate Moss and as much as I would love the shade Bitch Perfect I don't think it would suit my skin tone as much as the Nude Kate but I will check when I'm at the counter in a couple of weeks.

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia £21.00 (Link)
Yes I know another bronze eyeshadow something I own many of but I want to try out the texture of these new eyeshadows and a bronze shade is the one I would use the most so may as well add to my collection because I know it will get used.

Diptique Ambre Candle £55.00 (Link)
This smells amazing, it's pretty much my favourite candle scent of all time but I can never quite bring myself to spend the money on it however I would happily have it as a gift if anyone else could!

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne £40.00 for 30ml (Link)
When I heard bloggers rage about this scent I just thought they all had a bit of Jo Malone hysteria because why would anyone want to smell like salt?? I had a smell of it on my last trip to Selfridges and I have to say I loved it, it's obviously very unique; it's so fresh and clean smelling without being sterile smelling at the same time. I would definitely love a bottle of this to contrast with my usual Tom Ford Black Orchid as it isn't always office appropriate to drench oneself in whereas the Jo Malone I don't think would offend anyones noses.

what's on your current wish list?

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