REVIEW: Tom Ford Wild Ginger Lipstick

Thursday 22 January 2015

Ok so I think we can all agree I took these pictures a LONG time ago (ahh how I long for my Blonde hair) I just kept forgetting to write about the ULTIMATE Orangey Red Lipstick (not cool I know).

I call this the ultimate only because of the price, let's just say I was having a 'no good very bad' day and it just had to be done, I was near Selfridges and I just thought F**k it I'm going to walk to that counter and spend a ludicrous amount of one tiny lipstick and I did it. I walked on air for approximately 30 minutes and then the guilt set in.

Tom Ford Lipsticks are incredibly luxurious, the packaging is beautiful, weighted and the click sound when you open and close the lid is incredibly smug sounding, it just screams rich bitch. The actual product is everything you want from a lipstick, it's quality, incredibly pigmented, none drying and long lasting.

I purchased the lipstick because the shade is just so flattering, it makes my teeth look as white as Simon Cowells, it brightens up my face and generally complements my skin tone perfectly. It's a very orangey red which looks amazingly striking and I'm guaranteed when I wear it that someone will stop and ask what's on my lips. I find the wear time is brilliant, not as long as a stain of course but for such a creamy colour it lasts really well and looks pretty perfect after a meal with a drink and doesn't go all over your face, although I'd advise not to eat a huge burger with it on.

Now I've mentioned the price and I will hope to god my other half never reads this post when I state the price because he'd likely murder me, so at £37.00 (Link) is it worth the price? … Yes and No; no because you can probably get a similar shade in Boots these days so if you're on a budget stick to it. Yes because it's a fantastically, luxuriously, wonderful lipstick, will I purchase another from the range? Probably, but it would most likely be either a completely unique shade or a perfect nude that I can use everyday, I would also have to be feeling flush that day otherwise it's a trip to Boots for me.


  1. Wow, this is a stunning colour!

  2. Obsessed with the packaging :)


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