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Friday 6 March 2015

Well it's been a busy few weeks over at chez OBB, as the title may suggest I have a new job and with it of course brings about my endless shopping lists. I'm all about perfect skin, bold brows and light eyes and lips at the moment so I think this list definitely reflects this.

Zelens Z Pure Cleansing Liquid Balm (Link)
I've never tried Zelens before and when I saw their new Z Pure Cleansing Balm I thought it would be a good introduction to the brand as I've handled my fair share of CB's in my time and I want to see how it compares. If it's good which I suspect will be the case I will dip my toes into some more of the products like their exfoliating pads which i've also wanted to try after hearing great things about them.

Sunday Riley Good Genes (Link)
Another brand I haven't tried and this will definitely have to be purchased as soon as I see my wage otherwise I'll wimp out because of the price, again i've heard such great things about the brand and this product so i'm definitely keen to try it. It's a treatment/serum that is supposed to smooth, clarify, refine and brighten your skin which pretty much ticks all my treatment boxes for my skin care needs.

liBrow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator (Link)
Bold Brows are the aim of my life, if I could get away with not wearing anything on them it would make me so happy (shallow and pathetic I know but any blonde brow'd gals out there will get me). If there was a Rolls Royce of eyebrow growth serums apparently LiBrow is it and I need to try it, i've resisted for years but nows the time *see previous wage weekend millionaire type comment on outlandish purchases.

Esteé Lauder Double Wear Light (Link)
My all time favourite foundation, I am going to try intensity 1 in the hope it will match my winter skin but I can't see it truly being right as I think it's quite pink in tone, seriously if anyone knows a similar light, long wearing, oil battling foundation that is available in yellow skin tones please let me know I feel its like the unicorn of foundations.

Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Foundation (Link)
I love the loose version of this foundation for setting my makeup but it's just so messy so I figured the pressed version surely would be 'The One' right?? It sets your foundation, adds a bit of coverage (very buildable if you want to wear it as a standalone foundation) and it adds such a beautiful glow. I can get oily in my T-Zone but it doesn't mean I want matte skin and finding something that sets your makeup without looking cake and dry and matte again seems to be so hard to find. Hopefully this should do the trick.

Stila Shape and Shade Contour Palette (Link)
Now i've not quite managed Kim K's contour efforts nor will I ever because I'd look stupid but a subtle contour and bronzing routine I love to use as it slims the face and adds a nice warm glow without looking orange. I use my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow palette most days and I wanted to find a less expensive version so I can recommend a contour palette to people without them shuddering at the price.

Sila Stay All Day Brow Gel & Brush (Link)
Again with my brow aims; if I can't get away with no product using just a brow gel (you also get a brush) would again be such a great achievement (seriously my degree wouldn't be on the same radar). It would mean a quick easy brow routine in the morning leaving more time IN BED!

Bite Agave Lip Mask (Link)
When I usually post my everyday makeup look on Instagram someone always ends up asking what lipstick I have on and in most cases my answer is 'nothing' or 'lip balm' I seem to have been blessed with a decent natural lip shade so I just use lip balms most of the time and i've heard this one is particularly good so why not give it a shot.

Diptyque Eau Duelle Eau De Parfum (Link)
I've never tried a Diptyque fragrance before and I thought i'd love Philsykos the most as it smells like figs but when I had a whiff in store it wasn't the one so I moved on, then i heard someone describe the Eau Duelle fragrance as vanilla, spice and frankincense and I knew I wanted it.

Boutique Striped Long Sleeved Top (via Topshop) (Link)
I recently purchased a new Celiné handbag (which I have yet to collect) but it's black, grey and navy and i've never owned a navy or blue bag before so I don't have many clothes either, I thought a classic striped white and navy top would look oh so Parisian chic with dark blue jeans some navy flats and the Celiné on my arm.

Celiné Mini Belt Bag (In store only)
Ok so i've not even collected my latest purchase and i've already chosen the next, you'd think this was quite bad but fairly the norm for me. I came across the belt bag when I was choosing my Trapeze but I thought the closing was far too complicated with the belt however having watched an unboxing video on YouTube i've discovered that you don't actually use the belt aspect in any way to open and close the bag. This resulted in me looking at sizes, colours and leathers available; i've not made my mind up on the colour but I definitely will be getting the mini and in pebbled leather i'm leaning towards the bright blue but I do like the cream as well but it'll be a while before I get it so i've got lots of time to ponder .... and save.

What are on your To-Buy Lists?

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  1. Love the celine!!! on my to buy list is a pair of chanel espadrilles :) x


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