Favourites: January 2016

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix £12.95 (Link) and Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads £9.95 (Link)  
You know I love an exfoliating toner or two and when I saw the Nip + Fab pads were half price at Superdrug I thought I'd give them a try. They're so easy to fit into any routine and are fairly mild percentage wise so probably best for those new to using acids as well as for those of us who enjoy using a daily treatment instead of a stronger one a couple of times a week. I have been using the Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads in the day time as they are infused with hylaronic acid to help plump up the skin so your makeup applies like a dream and they don't cause my oily skin to over produce oil during the day so they don't affect my makeup either. I use the Glycolic Fix Pads in my evening routine and to say i'm used to stronger products in terms of their active ingredients i've not noticed a decline in my skin condition, it's remained soft and smooth whilst using these and that's a big compliment to say I'm used to Liquid Gold which is about three times the price and strength. I definitely need to try more from the range as i'm impressed with these two products. If you purchase two products from Nip + Fab you can get 30% off for the whole of February with the code 'FEB30'

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream £80 (Link)
This is an old favourite of mine and one I've used on and off for years, whenever I get a new pot I always think to myself 'why did I stop using this?'. I use as my night time moisturiser as it's too much for my oily skin during the day, it nourishes my dehydrated skin and is so soothing and calming. This could be from the nostalgic scent or the formula but at this point I'm not bothered because it just works. It absorbs really quickly as it's not a overly thick heavy cream but it packs a punch of hydration into your skin and you will wake up with a plumper brighter complexion.

Benefit They're Real Mascara £19.50 (Link)
No I'm not a freak trying this for the first time, They're Real was once my staple mascara one I repurchased time and time again but being a beauty blogger I deviated for other offerings on the market and I've only just come full circle back to this. It is a fantastic mascara and gives my lashes curl, volume and length with a fanned out look i've yet to find another mascara gives. It makes you look like you have bambi eyes and are wide awake (a useful trait on a monday morning in the office when your brain is half asleep). Why did I think the grass is greener and strayed? I am itching to try the new primer from the same range and also the coloured mascaras but i'd love to see a waterproof version sometime, although this is definitely water resistant and can be a trouble maker when it comes to removal it doesnt last an after work swimming session which would be good!

Lanolips Ointment £17.99 (Link)
I don’t drink enough water, I try and try and try but when I do my trips to the bathroom are so frequent I get behind at work so I tend to not drink much water day to day. Recently I've noticed my lips have been crying out for me to down a pint of squash and I find I have to constantly apply lip balm and I almost go into a blind panic if I don't have one to hand and then all I can think about is how dry my lips feel. Thankfully my solution (aside from drinking more water) is Lanoplips Golden Ointment, this stuff is so good; I've never known a balm stay on my lips as long as this one, i'm talking twice a day application and it hydrates and protects your lips so they stay crack free and looking plump.

Mac Please Me Lipstick £15.50 (Link)
This lipstick is totally out of my comfort zone, I'm either a peachy pink nude gal or orangy reds and I don’t tend to deviate, this whole Kylie Jenner phase the whole world seems to be in is more contagious than ebola because I'm eyeing up those rosey brown hues and wanting to purchase them ALL! (Seriously why is colourpop not available to ship to the UK?) My interests were gained when I tried Mac's Please Me lipstick which is a lovely pretty pink nude, not a true Kylie rosy browny nude but a stepping stone towards it.

What have been your favourites throughout January? I'm off shopping in London in a couple of weeks and would love some recommendations! I'm finally going to visit the Makeup Forever stand in Debenhams to get the Ultra HD concealer and foundations and maybe splurge on a few more items!

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