Turning 30 and Birthday Haulin'

Monday 7 November 2016

Next week I am going to be experiencing turning 30. This terrifies me oh so much, mainly because I still feel the same as I did when was 21 and i'm in no way ready for kids; yet am pressured by society to get a move on with it all but i'm still not caving and enjoy my 'me time' and spending all my pennies on ME! I have seen so many like minded women who really don't feel the need to procreate as soon as possible, the older I get the less and less I want them particularly when I see the cost of child care, the stress and anguish parents go through and the affect it will have on my career. I will likely have a child within the next 5 years but I don't think I would feel incomplete if I discovered that children weren't a possibility for me, I have a 9 year old step son and to be honest he's all the child I could possibly need without the responsibility of keeping him alive most of the week. Perhaps that weighs in on my life choices but for now i'm happy as a two-some with an added third little person at the weekends. Please tell me i'm not the only one that feels this way??

On to the birthday Haul, my thoughts this year are 'feck it i'm 30 I can buy everything I want' hence all the age appropriate skin care you're about to hear about, although I won't likely purchase all at once as I'm not short on skincare so they will be purchased over the next few weeks/before Christmas. Plus every single website seems to be sending me birthday discount codes so it would be rude not to accept their most generous gifts!

Niod Sanskirt Saponins Cleanser £21.00 118ml (Link)
I haven't tried any Niod products as of yet as I find their 'Skincare for the Hyper-Educted' tag line a little understated as it's so frigging complicated. I swear they give you skin concerns you've never heard of but now want to correct (hence I want to try the whole product range but see - Voicemail Masque for the problem you've not known about) however once you have a read and a re-read the product description you sort of understand what the product does. This product is an intensive cleansing balm which targets build up, congestion and impurities without the use of synthetic sulphates, oils or micellar technologies, instead it focuses on an amino acid technology formulated with plant saponins. I've heard very good things so this is the top of my list as my skin easily gets congested.

Algenist Splash Absolute Hydration Overnight Mask £40.00 60ml (Link)
Another brand I haven't tried and one i've not heard much about, their brand ethos is based on micro algae as an anti-ageing sustainable ingredient which i'm intrigued about as the alguronic acid helps to regenerate and protect cells. I am obsessed with overnight masks and there's rarely a night that goes by that I don't sleep in one so one that promises hydration, smoothing and rejuvenating is one I need to try.

Algenist Perfect Clarifying Pore Corrector Mask £37.50 60ml (Link)
This mask uses the Alguronic Acid and sulphur to improve texture, brightness and clarity and the red algae extract to sooth and firm the skin. Lets face it this mask is red which may have had a part in my choosing of it but it sounds just like my kind of mask for when my skin is having a 'moment'

Niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum £38.00 15ml (Link)
Now this Niod serum does take a bit of a chemistry degree to understand the science behind the product but from what I gather the Copper Tripeptide-1 contained in the serum is what occurs naturally in our bodies and the percentage drops with age. The 1.0% pure CT-1 you mix with the activator and it targets signs of ageing, texture damage, uneven tone and basically gives you healthy young looking radiant skin. Basically I need this as does everyone older than 30, what I like is that there's a 1% starter at 15ml you can get to grips with before investing in a larger bottle or the 5% which is also available.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst £56.00 47ml (Link)
More algea ... I must be getting all eco-warrior in my ageing years, this time it's Hawaiian sea algae with a cocktail of rose hip seed and sea buckthorn oils to replenish the skin as this overnight treatment contains pumpkin derived enzymatic exfoliants to gently resurface the skin. I'm all about chemical exfoliants and overnight treatments as waking up to a glowing youthful complexion fills me with all the joy I need.

Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid Retinol Brightening Solution £72.50 30ml (Link)
I know, how much skin care does one person need? ... answer - ALL OF IT. This serum is a power house of acid and retinol which normally can cause sensitivity but this is formulated to gently correct pigmentation and stimulate collagen resulting in brighter, plumper and lifted skin. Due to Dr Dennis Gross' reputation I trust the products to do as they should without irritation or damage ... I also want to try their Alpha Beta Peel pads.

May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt £48.00 200ml (Link)
This is a powder cleanser which you mix with water before applying to face; containing clays, salts and spices that rid the skin of impurities and regenerate the complexion this is a great cleanser for dull complexions as the powder micro exfoliates the skin each time it's used and I think my skin will love this. A point to note is this is actually great value for money as you only use a tiny bit with each application and you get a whopping 200ml which will last forever.

Zoeva Zoe Tote Makeup Bag £42 (Link)
I saw this tote bag on Anna's snapchat and instantly knew this was a must have purchase for my life despite not having tried a single Zoeva brush, I often spend nights away from home and as you may have gathered quite serious about my skincare so don't like to de-pot or use alternatives so a great big old three sectioned makeup bag is exactly what I need. Like I said there are three compartments so more than enough space for my rather elaborate skin care routine (see my Instagram - NicolaOBBeauty for more details) plus my makeup and there are also loads of segments for brushes. Winner!! 

Aerin Amber Musk EDP £92.00 50ml (Link)
Another grown up purchase, I was even sensible enough to purchase a little sample off eBay before taking the plunge because although the notes of amber, musk and florals sound like my perfume heaven sometimes the blend can make or break a fragrance and whilst usually I would just order blind I wanted to find the right sophisticated scent and I definitely chose perfectly with this perfume. It is stunning, so warm and inviting but sensual at the same time. Exactly what a woman in her 30's should be smelling like.

So those are my 'shit i'm 30' purchases .... I should probably concentrate on the baby desires instead of spending all my time researching skin care ingredients and what to buy next ... perhaps thats a 31 year old's goal. 30 shall be spend doing exactly what I like. 

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