REVIEW: Clinique Fresh Pressed 7 Day System

Friday 19 May 2017

When I first heard about this new launch from Clinique I knew I had to try it out, I am a firm believer in the power of vitamin C for a radiant and even complexion. This intense 7 day system contains 7 daily use powder cleansing sachets and a 7 day supply of the booster serum which you use twice a day. The concept isn’t exactly revolutionary as The Body Shop released a 10 day Vitamin C Boosting Concentrate about a decade ago and Philosophy have had their Vitamin C powder out for years which you mix into a serum or moisturiser, whether they have been clinically tested for sensitive skins is something I doubt and the Clinique 7 Day System has been so it’s suitable to every skin type to use. 

Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser

These little sticks contain a powdered cleanser formulated with 10% vitamin C as well as salicylic acid, each morning you empty the sachet onto a wet palm and rub together to activate the formula then apply to the skin avoiding the eyes. I tend to leave on whilst brushing my teeth so it has some time on my skin and then rinse off. My skin feels smoother and brighter after each use and I’ve not noticed my skin feeling tight or dry either. The sachets are great for travel but I think the packaging is a bit wasteful as most of it is empty space and if I was to purchase just the cleanser on its own I would personally prefer it in an airtight container of some sort rather than the individual packets.

Fresh Pressed Daily Booster

This serum is designed to be mixed into your moisturiser twice a day, I actually tend to mix in with my first stage essence; in my head, it means it’s the most potent as it’s the first thing on my skin after cleansing and toning. Not only containing 10% vitamin C the Booster is also blended with Molasses and Mulberry Root to help fade pigmentation, grape extract for antioxidants, salicylic acid which gently exfoliates helping the other ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and there’s also some anti-inflammatory ingredients like cucumber, caffeine and betain algae so the formula doesn’t irritate your complexion.

In contrast to the cleanser’s packaging I really like the dispenser, due to the l-ascorbic acid being a very unstable ingredient when mixed with water on first use you peel back the foil on top and release the powdered ingredients into the liquid and shake. This formula then stays ‘Fresh’ for 7 days use and then you are supposed to discard, which I think is a tad hasty and I just used until it’s finished as again it’s very wasteful and I doubt it has spoiled.

Overall I have really enjoyed using this 7 day system, at £25 it’s a good course to use whenever your skin needs brightening and any pigmentation fading as I saw a huge difference in these areas to the point of actually forgetting to use foundation one day as my skin was so even in tone I thought I had already applied it (It was a Monday for reference). I have some pigmentation just under the outer corner of each eye on top of my cheek bones and they have faded dramatically with the use of this system which I’m thrilled about.

The 7 days is a good course to see actual improvements and although I’d like to use every day it would be a very expensive habit; I will say I did use half a sachet of the cleanser at a time to make it last longer and the booster didn’t seem to run out using a couple of drops a day in 7 days so in total the system lasted around 14 days which reduces the price per use. I will purchase this again and I am tempted to invest in the cleanser and booster individually because I actually don’t know which product has improved my skin the most or if it’s the combination of the both so I think an experiment needs to be carried out using just the cleanser on one half of my face and the booster on the other.

Clinique seem to be finally moving away from their three step system and releasing some fantastic products that deliver real results without being too hefty on the purse strings, there is a new Moisture Surge serum release that I definitely need to try out. Have you tried any of Clinique's newer offerings?

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