Friday, 19 April 2019

REVIEW: Dermatica Tretinoin Subscription

Review: Subscription
What is it: Dermatica operates the UK's only dermatology compounding pharmacy providing prescription skincare through the post without the need for an expensive dermatologist consultation or GP referral.
My Prescription: Tretinoin & Hydroquinone.
My Thoughts: I was intially quite wary about this service being available to the public; not everyone is experienced in skincare and may opt for the strong stuff before trying less intense treatments first. However, those of us who want prescription creams without paying for a dermatology consultation this sounds a genius business plan. The consulation is straight foward and quick but the aspect that calmed my reservations with this service is the final step, before the prescription is written and dispatched you are required to send pictures of your face so they can assess you and make sure you're suitable for treatment. I would like to think they would decline someone not sutiable for treatment, ie an 18 year old wanting tretinoin for anti-aging. I was prescribed 0.025% Tretinoin & 4% Hydroquinone which is very gentle, I experienced zero dryness or irriation so it is good for beginners if you're worried about burning your face off, I was curious how quickly they would increase the strength and i'm glad to say it was unprompted in the following month's prescription so I am now using 0.05% tretinoin & 4% Hydroquinone.
Results: After 6 weeks of use I can see an incredible difference in my skin, not necessarily pore size but definitely the texture, congestion and pigmentation. My OH said 'your skin is looking really good' after 3 weeks of use which i've never heard him say in 10 years of being together so it's a miracle worker as far as i'm concerned. Whether long term it's a service I will keep subscribing to time will tell as £22 a month is a lot more than you would pay if you were to get an actual prescription from a doctor yourself, so you're definitely paying for the convenience. If you're wanting to try the service use code: TRIAL-BUNNY for £10 off your first month. (Not spon, just useful) #blogpost #retinol #skincare #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine