Secret Key Starting Treatment Kit

Monday, 27 April 2020

Secret Key have a few products in their Starting Treatment Line, this kit gives you a really good feel of what the line and the effect the key ingredient has on the skin.  The kit contains the Starting Treatment Essence, Starting Treatment Eye Cream and Starting Treatment Cream and is available from YesStyle for about £15.00 (Link) Referral code: OBBEAUTY for a discount.

So What Are Galactomyces?
The key ingredient in this line, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate is a yeast dense in nutrient and a byproduct of the fermentation of Sake. Legend has it that the effects of the ingredient were discovered when sake brewers noticed their skin on their hands stayed young when the rest of their bodies aged. When applied to the skin Galactomyces increase product absorption, improve sebum levels in oily skin,  brighten and studies have shown that it causes the epidermis to produce hyaluronic acid which the skin naturally contains.

The brightening effect of this line is incredibly noticeable, I use the Essence morning and evening and it immediately smooths and plumps the skin, the cream is a light texture and hydrates really nicely and even with using a Tretinoin at night this is all I have needed, I have noticed how bright and even my complexion is from introducing these two products into my routine. The Eye cream I really have loved using, I typically have dry skin under my eyes, especially in allergy season and it has performed well as well as helping with my fine lines.

If you want the glass skin look I would start with this kit, I have already ordered the full size essence because I want to bathe in the magic liquid and will shortly follow with a purchase of the face cream.

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