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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Lipcolour

Hey Ladies,

I was sent a Revlon lip colour to try & i thought I'd tell you what i thought. The shade i was sent was regal rose & the swatches are quite accurate, its a dark pink with gold reflects, a very pretty colour. At the moment they're only available at Boots and priced at an introductory price of £6.80 the normal price will be £8.80 and for this you get 3ml's so it will last you a long time not only because of the size but the longevity of the product meaning less applications during the day.

So here's the available shades

What they say:
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is the first and only one-step lipstick that has it all... with comfortable food-proof wear for up to 12 hours

What I thought:

Firstly the colour i was sent isn't one I'd particularly go for as its quite dark & i like sheerer lighter colours so i applied it to my hand and once it had 'set' it lasted until the next morning and through about 3 hand washes, so amazing lasting power. As a lip gloss its pretty lame, when you apply it looks really glossy but after about a minute it sets into your lips and goes dull and although its not marketed as a gloss the packaging looks like a gloss rather than a lipstick so could be a little misleading, but with a clear gloss on top you'd be set, and wouldn't have to reapply the colour during the day just the gloss on top, and so their 'one-step lipstick' theory isn't really true but overall a nice product in nice sleek dazzleglassish packaging. Lets face it girls our holy grail would be a lip colour with gloss that lasts all day available in every single colour ever invented, i don't think it'll happen although i will keep searching, but this is the closest I've found for now.

Hope you're all doing great please let me know & if you've got any questions or requests & i hope you all had a brilliant weekend, mines been a little manic supervising a 10 year olds birthday party but it wasn't too bad i have to say private school girls are very well behaved & polite (one girl voluntarily ate her pizza with a knife & fork & her posture was amazing she was my dream child)
Thanks for reading & I'll cya soon

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