Rimmel Sexy Curves Review

Monday 13 July 2009

Hey Ladies!

I thought i'd do a Rimmel sexy curves review for you & a comparison between the normal one and waterproof one as sometimes they can be very different formulas.

This is my eye without any mascara or anything!! (very blonde lashes!! aahhh!! excuse the dark shadows, a week & a half of looking after a 9 year old is taking it toll on me!)


I didn't curl my lashes before applying & only used a clean mascara wand to tidy them up if needed afterwards otherwise its all the mascara doing the work!

Sexy Curves Original

One Coat

Two Coats


One Coat

Two Coats

What I Think
I've been using the original sexy curves for a couple of months and i officially love it, with a quick coat you're really good to go and if you have the time for a couple more coats the results are amazing. I'm constantly asked if i'm wearing false lashes with this mascara and seriously recommend it to anyone who asks or is about to buy a mascara, i stopped my aunt from buying Dior show on Saturday & told her & the sales assistant to get it, at the end of the day its a waste of £7 if you don't like it instead of £20 on the Dior one & the results are better in my opinion as i used to use the Dior one & it never made my lashes look this good.
I have no idea what makes this mascara work so well, maybe the spiky brush because manages to coat all the tiny lashes as well as the long ones meaning your lashes look fuller as well as longer or the actual formula of the mascara, quite frankly i don't care all i know is that it is my holy grail mascara now, however there is a drawback in that it does the whole little dark specs under your eye thing if you have it on the bottom lashes which i can live with or just use a different mascara on the bottom!
As far as the waterproof one goes i think its just as good, i have in the past had mascaras & tried their waterproof counterpart & the waterproofness ruins the formula so its not as good as a mascara, its not the case with this as i get the same results regardless of the waterproofness (that's my new word). In regard to how well the waterproof formula works is just a matter of time as i haven't cried yet today, as soon as that happens i will do a little post on the effectiveness of the waterproofness & how easily it is removed. But with the same results as the regular one you may as well get the waterproof! or get both! Its on offer at superdrug at the moment for around £5.80 so stock pile it, i know i am.

Overall a brilliant mascara which i'd recommend to anyone as you can have it natural or work up to sex goddess! i personally have the latter most days!! :)

Hope you're all well, i have got myself a temporary job whilst i look for a permanent office job, its at a farm shop & i start on Friday, quite excited as i'll have actual money & not the fake money which is my overdraft!! :) i can buy makeup & clothes!! (not that having no money stopped me haha)

Thanks all for reading, 11 more subscribers & i'll hold my contest! i'm so excited!!
Cya later
Nicola xxx


  1. I love this mascara! Diorshow Blackout is my absolute favourite for volue and length, but Rimmel Sexy Curves is amazing for making my lashes look naturally long so I have been using it in the days! Now that you've done this review I'm going to pick up the waterproof version for my hols! :D

  2. Wow... looks really great! :) xXx

  3. This will be the next mascara on my list :D

  4. Wow, that is incredible! I want to try this, but had held off because people were saying the wand was useless and too bendy...but it looks fab, so I'm going to give it a go! xxx

  5. i have heard nothing but great things about this mascara! i might go try it, it's soo cheap too!!

    ps. gorgeous eyes! i loveee big blue eyes :)

  6. wow! you have amazing long lashes!! Its as if you were wearing falsies! :D I have rimmel glam eyes mascara and really love it! I'll try this next time! :) thanks.

  7. Wow! Your lashes look great =)!


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