Monday Poll!!

Monday 21 December 2009

Hey Ladies,

I thought I’d do a Monday updatey thing which I saw on the gawjus Laura's blog, mainly because i'm being a lazy so & so.


Jolly & content, having done an 8 hour shift I should be miserable but I can't be miserable in snow! I have taken a few tumbles though, so managed to sprain my ankle & wrist & twist my knee so hobbling along & have the biggest bruise all down my right thigh! Ah well!

Left or right handed?
I'm a righty, but having broken my right arm a few times when I was a kid resorted to me using my left hand and so I am ambidextrous & I eat with a knife & fork like a lefty!

Where do you consider home?

Home for me is where I am right now, in my bedroom of a house I’ve lived in for 23 years, my dad’s house. Also my aunt’s house as I have my own room there & they have bought a new house & actually are converting a room for me! haha! or where ever any of my family live I would consider home as home is just a feeling of complete relaxation & comfort, being able to get up & make yourself a cup of tea & look in the cupboards etc.

Three things you’re grateful for?

1. The chef - currently today he's dying of man flu & even though I told him to spend his day off in bed he went shopping for my Christmas presents so I have something to open on Christmas day. Bless

2. Christmas - even though I will be working on Christmas eve until 4pm there's nothing quite like Christmas & I’m glad I am able to celebrate it, granted I may not believe in baby Jesus but I get presents if I at least pretend for one day to celebrate his life! hehe!

3. My brother being ok after he completely destroyed his first car, the idiot! But he was completely unharmed thank the Lord! hallelujah! Haha, the same definitely can’t be said for his car! Haha!

I'm completely lazy when it comes to makeup application for work and so ...
Eyes - Nothing but mascara
Lips - Nada
Cheeks - Illamasqua Rude cream blush

Have you ever studied abroad?
Nope, I am sad I ever studied in this country so wouldn't do it in the future either!

Do you collect anything?

Erm, not really

Last text you sent?

My poor baby, hope you find some food! My ankle & knee are seriously killing me & I need to tidy! ugh! :( could do with your arms round me & you winkle in me! xxx

Haha! sorry TMI!!! ... to the chef obviously

I work in arctic conditions at the moment so my outfit consisted of black jeans, a vest top, blouse, jumper, fleece, apron & hoodie, with 3 pairs of socks & black mini uggs! haha or right at this second jogging bottoms & hoodie, with the hood up coz I is well 'ard man!

Weekly Goals:
Sleep as much as possible as I’m working every day til Christmas from last Tuesday! I’m failing so far & also clean before Christmas day also a fail & wrap all my presents before Christmas Eve ... Fail!

Hope you're all doing well leading up to Christmas & are loving the snow like i am if you're in the UK!

cya all soon!!




  1. LMAO. "and your winkle in me"
    I love you Nicola i really do! xxx

  2. That text!! haha!
    Yeah, im failing too at cleaning and finishing everything before christmas, ugh! xx

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